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Thrifty Business: Boho Hoarder opens in Paxtonia with vintage, thrifted finds

Owner Rebecca Babish of Boho Hoarder

When Rebecca Babish was a kid, she and her siblings were used to getting hand-me-downs.

“There was a stigma around it, but we never cared,” she said.

For Babish, it was exciting to hunt through the bags of clothes, outgrown by older family members and friends. Sometimes, she would even personalize the items, customizing them to fit her style.

As she got older, the hand-me-downs stopped coming, but her love for thrifting only grew.

Now, Babish owns Boho Hoarder, a new shop on Jonestown Road, where she sells her second-hand and vintage finds.

For a while, the business relied on online sales and pop-up shops, such as the HBG Flea, for exposure. But in May, Boho Hoarder settled into its first brick-and-mortar location.

The second-floor shop is stocked with clothing, home décor, accessories, glassware and other items that Babish has curated over years of thrifting. She describes her style as “dark eclectic.” There are racks of clothes—graphic tees, silky robes, cowboy boots and jean jackets. On a black accent wall hang pictures—one of Elvis, another of a tiger—and colorful candlesticks sit on top of a mantel. Purses, woven baskets, mirrors and small decorative objects fill any vacant space in the shop. Each piece was hand-picked by Babish.

“It sounds crazy, but I could tell you where I got each of these pieces,” she said. “It’s all stuff that I love.”

Babish has several storage spaces full of items she’s collected. The contents of the shop only amass to around half of what she has stored. While some items have been stashed in her collection for years, the shop is also a revolving door of new finds, Babish said.

In addition, she plans to host classes at the shop on topics like terrarium making, macramé crafting and jean distressing. Babish said that she will also soon open a photography studio in one of the shop’s rooms.

Babish has a love for fashion, which she believes she got from her grandma whose motto was, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” She’s happy to help advise customers on outfit selections at the shop and feels strongly about body positivity.

“I really believe in embracing your body,” she said. “I want this to be a place where you feel like you can be yourself.”

Boho Hoarder’s eclectic clothing selection has a range of styles and sizes for customers to choose from. Babish hopes that those who visit love the collection as much as she does.

“When you love something and see someone else love it—it’s awesome,” Babish said. “It’s a confidence thing.

Boho Hoarder is located at 5800 Jonestown Rd. Suite A, Harrisburg. For more information, visit the shop’s Instagram.


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