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Greenlee Partners, LLC

Greenlee Partners, LLC

About Greenlee Partners

Starting 1985, Greenlee Partners has grown to become a leader in Pennsylvania government and public policy. What began as a handshake, a penchant for politics, and an obsession with the legislative process, developed into statewide government affairs consulting practice incorporating a diverse group of experienced professionals with a single-minded focus on client service at all levels of government. For more information about Greenlee Partners – its clients, services, history, and staff bios – please visit

Why we’re a contributing publisher

Since its founding, Greenlee Partners benefitted, and continues to prosper, under the guidance of experienced and community-driven individuals. The firm understands the issues that affect the City of Harrisburg and the greater-Harrisburg area. As the capital, Harrisburg’s sustainability is dependent on an involved and well-versed community base, where individuals are able to become effective members and leaders within their communities. Greenlee has watched the city through many ups and downs, believes deeply in the future of the city, and will continue to lend its resources to help the city and Central Pennsylvania region succeed.

The Greenlee Partners staff and clients – employees and leaders – maintain a deep and vested interest in the Harrisburg-area. Greenlee’s clients, their leaders and their employees serve in multiple capacities throughout the region and the firm ensures that opportunities remain for our clients to continue and better serve the Central Pennsylvania area. Through community, volunteer and bipartisan political services, the staff at Greenlee Partners has been committed to the interests of the Harrisburg community since its inception. Staff, from their 20s to their 60s, understands the importance of community and political involvement; they volunteer countless hours on city and county community boards, political parties, organizations promoting charity and professional development, and connect city and county leaders with experts to help the region. As Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania-area residents, Greenlee promotes and aims to enhance the attributes of the region, not just for family or clients, but for future residents and prospective entrepreneurs to support a multi-generational perspective to keep the region thriving.

As a contributor to TheBurg, Greenlee hopes to continue this message similar to its efforts in its free, daily online publication Harrisburg: ONLINE©, a newsletter developed by our founder, William Greenlee, to maintain a pulse on Pennsylvania politics, legislative activities, community awareness, and, occasionally, selfish plugs for clients and friends. The most successful platforms to foster community and political involvement start with understanding the history, movers and shakers, and applicable political and citizen climates – Greenlee’s goal is to keep the conversation on Harrisburg’s future an everlasting, evolving one and hopes through TheBurg you will too.