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Federal Funds Awarded

A number of Harrisburg organizations will receive money to assist with housing programs and social services, following approval by City Council.

Last month, council voted to allocate annual federal funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program funds from both the 2020 and 2021 fiscal years will be distributed to several Harrisburg organizations. During the pandemic, the city did not allot these funds due to the influx of CARES Act funding that they instead distributed.

The following organizations are recipients of the 2020 and 2021 ESG funds:

  • Capital Area Coalition on Homelessness, $50,000
  • Christian Churches United, $100,000
  • Shalom House, $50,000
  • YWCA, $50,000

The following organizations are recipients of the 2020 CDBG funds:

  • Justice House of Hope, $84,728
  • LHACC, $45,000
  • PAIRWIN (Pennsylvania Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Network), $39,220
  • Salvation Army, $75,000
  • The Worship Academy, $50,000

Additionally, $244,031 will go towards debt service, $425,000 for public improvement/public facilities, $344,746 for housing programs, $200,000 for demolition and $75,000 for the Dauphin County Library System.

The following organizations are recipients of the 2021 CDBG funds:

  • Center for Employment Opportunities, $25,000
  • AJB Drug & Alcohol, $48,586
  • Young Professionals of Color-Greater Harrisburg, $35,000
  • The Rock Church, $100,000
  • Justice House of Hope, $15,272

Additionally, $240,000 will be used for debt service, $504,600 for public improvement/public facilities, $359,066 for housing programs and $218,000 for demolition.

In other news, council approved a bill that would require Harrisburg Zoning Hearing Board and Planning Commission meetings to be recorded and shared publicly. Council hopes that this bill will make these meetings more accessible for the public.



Playground Breaks Ground

Harrisburg officials last month broke ground on the Chutes and Ladders playground in Reservoir Park, which will replace aging, outdated and underused equipment.

“We all loved playing the Chutes and Ladders board game when we were younger, right?” Harrisburg Mayor Wanda Williams said at the ground breaking. “Soon, our children will get to live it and experience it. The work we are starting here today will lead to needed improvements for this entire park.”

The $1 million playground project has been in the works for years, but will finally begin to take shape this year. It is part of Harrisburg’s Reservoir Park Master Plan, which aims to increase traffic and interest in the 87-acre park.

First, the city will replace existing playground equipment with new attractions. The playground will be based off of the popular board game, “Chutes and Ladders,” and will allow visitors to engage in a life-sized version. The city expects to complete the playground by August.

In a subsequent phase of construction, the city will create additional parking, add a “tot lot” playground for younger children, plant trees and increase walkways in the park.

The Chutes and Ladders playground was paid for with over $724,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, $250,000 from The PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and just under $50,000 from the city’s general fund.

The city is currently applying for grants to help pay for the next phase of the project.

Harrisburg City Council recently voted to allow the city to apply for several park-related grants, including one with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ C2P2 Park Rehabilitation and Development Subprogram. If awarded, the funds would support phase two of the Reservoir Park project.

The city also will apply for a grant with DCNR to fund the development of a Harrisburg City Parks Master Plan. According to city officials, this would help create a vision for the city’s parks and assist with applying for future grants.


Lights Out for Migrating Birds

Harrisburg is asking residents to take a simple step to help solve a huge issue for migrating birds.

Through May, the city, along with local bird advocates, is encouraging people to go lights-out at night to prevent bird collisions with buildings and windows.

“What we are asking is for businesses, municipalities and residents to turn off their lights from midnight to 6 a.m.,” explained Ali Bowling, president of the Appalachian Audubon Society.

Bowling explained that, during the night, as birds migrate back north for the season, interior and exterior lights can be very distracting, causing birds to crash into buildings.

According to the National Audubon Society, a national nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats, up to 1 billion birds die each year across the United States colliding with buildings and windows.

Harrisburg Mayor Wanda Williams said that the city will participate in “Lights Out Harrisburg,” and she invites businesses and residents to do so, as well.

The state Department of General Services plans to turn off lights in 15 buildings in the Capitol Complex during this time, including spotlights on the Capitol dome and lights in the Keystone Building atrium. Strawberry Square will also participate.

“Turning down lights in our tallest buildings will not only protect countless birds, but also save energy and reduce carbon emissions,” said Jason Snyder, the department’s acting deputy secretary for property and asset management. “We’re pleased to partner on the Lights Out initiative and are committed to preserving the safe passage for our friends in the skies.”

Harrisburg will join over 30 cities nationwide for the Lights Out initiative.

In the fall, peak migration will occur between Aug. 15 and Nov. 15 as birds travel south.

“If we can resolve this issue with a simple fix, then why not do it?” Bowling said.


Home Sales Slip, Prices Higher

Home prices rose at a brisk pace, though sales fell, in the latest monthly report on previously owned homes in the Harrisburg area.

For March, 576 houses sold in the three-county region compared to 627 houses in the year-ago period, as the median sales price rose to $238,900 from $209,900, according to the Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors (GHAR).

In Dauphin County, 309 houses sold, an increase of nine, while the median price rose to $205,750 from $179,500 in March 2021, GHAR said.

Cumberland County saw sales fall to 245 homes versus 287 the prior March, though the median price jumped to $280,000 from $233,050, according to GHAR.

In Perry County, sales dropped by 17 units to 23 homes, as the price increased to $216,000 versus $194,000 the prior March, said GHAR.

Houses sold relatively quickly in March, as the “average days on the market” dropped to 23 days compared to 31 days last year, according to GHAR.


So Noted

Café De Olla opened last month in downtown Harrisburg, offering cuisine inspired by owner Rosa Ortiz’s family. The new café is located at 210 N. 3rd St., the former location of El Rancho Resturante y Pupuseria, which relocated to Eisenhower Boulevard in January.

Charles J. Hooker III plans to retire as CEO of Keystone Human Services effective January 2023. Charles S. Sweeder, the current executive vice president, will succeed him, according to the Harrisburg-based human services organization.

Harrisburg University last month cut the ribbon on its new location in Panama. It’s the third location for the university, joining its Harrisburg and Philadelphia campuses. According to HU, the university is exploring other locations overseas.

Historic Harrisburg Association last month received $18,000 to support an educational program focused on central PA’s African American heritage. The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC) grant will help fund maintenance of historical markers on the Bethel Trail, the conservation of African American memorabilia and archives, educational walking and bus tours of landmarks, and an African American heritage exhibit at the Historic Harrisburg Resource Center.

Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg last month closed on its purchase of the Dixon University Center from the commonwealth, buying the sprawling campus in Uptown Harrisburg for $4,560,000. The federation plans to redevelop the site for its headquarters and a new home for the Harrisburg Jewish Community Center.

Manor on Front is under new ownership. Last month, Mark and Sheri Bennington purchased the bed and breakfast from Mike and Sally Wilson, who, over several years, renovated and converted the landmark property in Uptown Harrisburg.

Plant Family debuted last month at 1820 N. 3rd St., Harrisburg, offering natural medicines, herbs and elixirs, in addition to a plethora of houseplants. Owner Sara Rose Bryant said that she opened the shop to provide products that she believes are hard to find in this area.

The Original Hot Dog Family opened a downtown Harrisburg location last month, thanks to local franchise owners LaToya Williams and Hauson Green. The new eatery, which offers a wide array of hot dog types and toppings, is located at 317 Market St., the long-time home of the Flamingo Grill, which closed last year.


Changing Hands

Adrian St., 2430: S. Hill to Pledgestone Partners LLC, $92,500

Argyle St., 10 & 12: N&R Group LLC to 101 S. 17th Street LLC, $163,000

Benton Rd., 709: C. Moffitt to P. Jackson & T. Watson, $109,900

Berryhill St., 1527: H. Le to D. Boyle, $42,000

Berryhill St., 2114: M. & V. Castellano to Bermuda Land LLC, $89,900

Berryhill St., 2318: A. Bouhach to E. Saunders, $110,000

Brookwood St., 1933: T. Evans to Biyaki Enterprises LLC, $74,000

Brookwood St., 2426: J. & B. Valverde to E. Saunders, $100,000

Brookwood St., 2452: S. Kalakuntla & N. Boinapally to Pledgestone Partners LLC, $72,000

Camp St., 547: Great Row LLC to Franklin Real Estate USA Inc., $52,900

Camp St., 561: R. Rammouni to M. Fernandez & J. Gonzalez, $61,000

Chestnut St., 1916: LLC to JTA Consulting Group LLC, $40,000

Chestnut St., 1932: M. Randazzo to C. de Escano, $65,000

Cumberland St., 251: Keystone Properties Group LLC to A. & M. Chibnik, $210,000

Curtin St., 512: Integrity First Home Buyers to D. Madsen, $139,995

Delaware St., 264: L. Senft & L. Scampone to C. Zeger, $127,000

Derry St., 1948: BSR Rental Trust to D. Buxton Jr., $92,000

Edward St., 216: R. & L. Jameson to Y. Jun, $195,000

Ellersie St., 2342: D. Moyer to ACAC LLC, $115,000

Emerald St., 317: C. Brown to First Choice Home Buyers LLC, $60,000

Forest St., 25: M. Goldberg to Griff Residential LLC, $45,000

Forest St., 27: M. Goldberg to S. Gee, $45,000

Forrest St., 526: M. Baltozer to B. & A. Muzirrwa, $65,000

Forster St., 1713: R. Sanders to K. Gonzalez, $60,000

Grand St., 918: Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Bridger Investments LLC, $65,000

Green St., 819: First Choice Home Buyers LLC to SPG Capital LLC, $60,000

Green St., 1413: M. & H. Gillespie to Pine Asset Management LLC, $81,500

Green St., 2329: A. Jobes to G. & L. Calloway, $60,000

Hamilton St., 231: K. Saleme to H. Ison, $194,500

Hamilton St., 332: City Limits Foundation to 332 Hamilton LLC, $95,000

Hamilton St., 342: Everence Foundation Unique Assets LLC to T. & M. Sneidman, $80,000

Harris St., 222: K. Grossman to G. Grossman, $185,000

Herr St., 133: M. Grove to A. & J. Norris, $220,000

Hoerner St., 116: City Limits Foundation to PPS Realty Inc., $52,000

Holly St., 2013: M. & S. Sedora to X. Lopez, $67,000

Hummel St., 247: Tri County HDC Ltd to A. Flemister, $109,900

Hunter St., 1523: J. Vega & C. Salazar to RRMMM Real Estate LLC, $43,000

Kensington St., 2103: L. Myers to A. Clarke, $78,000

Kensington St., 2121: Marie Buys Houses LLC to N. Matthews, $63,000

Kensington St., 2343: L. Myers to Alliance Estates LLC, $87,500

Lewis St., 210: C. Shindle to J. Hess, $156,000

Lexington St., 2610: Gilligan Realty LLC to EBM Real Estate Holdings LLC, $60,000

Logan St., 2143: E. Killeen to Neidlinger Enterprises LLC, $67,000

Logan St., 2200 & 2200A: C. Geary to A. Bonheur, $70,000

Logan St., 2243: G. Ford to Euphrates LLC, $70,000

Logan St., 2338: Great Row LLC to Franklin Real Estate USA Inc., $57,900

Logan St., 2342: Great Row LLC to Franklin Real Estate USA Inc., $57,900

Market St., 1622: TRYB Investments LLC to I. Gomez & N. Cruz, $145,000

Market St., 2024: M. Arnao to S. Gonzalez, $150,000

Market St., 2454: M. & D. Cobb to S. Bejerano, $195,000

Moore St., 2111: A. Brown to B. Chambers, $80,000

Muench St., 413: PA Deals LLC to Munoz4Properties LLC, $52,000

Mulberry St., 1835: K. Nguyen to First Choice Home Buyers LLC, $47,000

North St., 1500: J. Johnson to R. Copeland, $134,000

N. 2nd St., 913: V. & S. Kaldes to 608 North Third LLC, $98,000

N. 2nd St., 936: J. Criley to B. Spurrier, $220,000

N. 2nd St., 1717: Friends of the West Shore Theater Inc. to M. Bousatta, $135,000

N. 2nd St., 1911: J. Criley to J. Rotz, $210,000

N. 2nd St., 2224: S. Groff to B. Walsh, $182,000

N. 2nd St., 2309½: REO Trust 2017 RPL1 & Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC to S. Martin, $150,000

N. 2nd St., 2957: Ideal Services Group LLC to M. Quinn, $305,000

N . 2nd St., 2986: Pennsylvania Commonwealth c/o Dixon University to Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg, $4,560,000

N. 2nd St., 3225: M. Letterman to V. Breithaupt, $140,000

N. 3rd St., 901 and 914, 916 & 918 James St.: Nish Harrisburg Associates LP to Ashila LLC, $1,301,000

N. 3rd St., 2211: J. & A. Sanderson and B. Sheaffer to S. Butler & L. Jackson, $175,500

N. 4th St., 2120: Great Row LLC to Franklin Real Estate USA Inc., $63,000

N. 4th St., 2408: D. Hargrove & D. Surbrena to A. Breneman & R. Herr, $75,000

N. 4th St., 2719: D. Washington to N. & C. Al Qaadir, $210,000

N. 5th St., 2639: L. Cumberbatch to D. Stufflet, $98,000

N. 6th St., 2243: Great Row LLC to Franklin Real Estate USA Inc., $50,500

N. 6th St., 2639: Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to N. Amundson, $139,995

N. 6th St., 3212: V. & D. Poplaski to G. Ajakaye, $100,000

N. 7th St., 2154: R. Plant to A. Bouhach, $65,000

N. 7th St., 2512: Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to D. Boyle, $46,059

N. 16th St., 1209: J. & N. Thompson to J. Garcia, $80,000

N. 17th St., 50: C. & N. Acevedo to J. Pichardo, $90,000

N. 17th St., 604: RMTP Trust Series 2019 C to J. Linan, $52,000

N. 17th St., 1100, 1621 & 1625 Cumberland St. and 1616 Herr St.: R. & C. Carter to M. Amani, $325,000

N. 18th St., 15: Great Row LLC to J. Linan & L. Jefferson, $50,000

N. 18th St., 712: S. Atiyeh to K. Hurst & N. Howze, $83,900

N. 18th St., 910: Fowler Investments LLC to D. Vigilante, $133,000

Norwood St., 916: Y. & E. Paige to J. Prol & A. Seroskie, $63,100

Park St., 1825: A&K Investment Partnership LLC to C. Green, $140,000

Penn St., 1308: Invigaron LLC to SPXT PA LLC, $325,900

Penn St., 1820: Lancaster County Restoration LLC to M. Segelken, $192,900

Pennwood Rd., 3203: Heller Investments to J. McDonald, $135,000

Race St., 556: C. Schleig & M. Obrine to J. Wheaton, $125,000

Race St., 566: B. Shisler to JR Phoenix Investing LLC, $220,000

Reel St., 2400: Wofford Enterprises Ltd. to Franklin Real Estate USA Inc., $55,000

Reel St., 2430: TRW Properties LLC to 786 Real Estate, $48,000

Reel St., 2630: Neidlinger Enterprises LLC to E. Tatarevic, $132,500

Reily St., 210: M. & J. Good to Prosper Home & Properties LLC, $152,500

Reily St., 607: NWFP Inc. and M. & S. Swati to Reily Street LLC, $900,000

Revere St., 1719: R. Tabler to Z. Roudi & M. Maniari, $72,000

Ross St., 614: Declans Holding LLC to JMA Home Renovations LLC, $61,900

Royal Terr., 109: JOG Investments LLC to L. Bedon, $50,000

Rudy Rd., 1815: Dreamland Investors LLC to J. De Paulino, $40,000

Rudy Rd., 1829: Yogi Investments LLC to Venus Properties LLC, $45,000

Rudy Rd., 1944: V. & S. Reyes to D. Perez, $131,000

Rudy Rd., 2490: BVC Construction LLC to S. Betancur, $100,000

Rumson Dr., 311: First Choice Home Buyers LLC to A. Kopp, $135,800

Sassafras St., 203: E. Brantner to J. Feaster, $128,400

S. 13th St., 221: D&F Realty Holdings LP to ZM Penn Group, $57,000

S. 17th St., 137: 137 South 17th LLC to IIP PA 2 LLC, $2,750,000

S. 18th St., 916: 916 S 18th LLC to 916 Industrial LLC, $405,000

S. 21st St., 753: Substance Abuse Services Inc. to Mavambo LLC, $104,000

S. 24th St., 608: S. Welch to J. & S. Vaughn, $222,000

State St., 204: J. Zonarich and Skarlatos & Zonarich LP to 204 State Street LLC, $400,000

State St., 1732: Wofford Enterprises to M. Cepeda, $92,000

Swatara St., 1611: G. Neff to Cofield Group LLC, $71,000

Swatara St., 1917: P. Freeman to Two Three Two Investments LLC, $48,000

Swatara St., 2015A: Neidlinger Enterprises LLC to Kenneth Bray Trust & Nicole Bray Trust, $129,900

Swatara St., 2142: Neidlinger Enterprises LLC to M. Estrada, $134,900

Sylvan Terr., 126: F. Sisic to D. Boyle, $50,000

Sylvan Terr., 160: Guardian Realty LLC to Paraiso View Investment LLC, $230,000

Vineyard Rd., 214: P. Eklund & B. Corner to R. & N. Fortney, $242,000

Walnut St., 104: MIV Properties LLC to N&R Properties LLC, $110,000

Walnut St., 1724: L. & L. Desenberg to A. Bouhach, $44,000

Walnut St., 1854, 1856, 1858 & 1860: H. Van to Red Hare LLC, $206,000

Whitehall St., 1815: 37 Estate LLC to J. Hamilton, $150,500

Whitehall St., 1937: D. Boyle to E. Olivo, $40,000

Woodbine St., 237: G. & C. Rice to Montalvo Investments LLC, $70,000

Harrisburg property sales, March 2022, greater than $40,000. Source: Dauphin County. Data is assumed to be accurate.


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