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January Artist in Focus: Gloria Martin

When you view Gloria Martin’s artwork, words like “natural” and “symbolic” easily come to mind.

Indeed, her paintings and illustrations often combine the realistic with the fanciful, with a dreamlike quality to many of her pieces.

“Nature is the first creator and teacher, which is why I make it habitual that naturalistic symbolism is an integral component in my work and within my life,” she told TheBurg. “Knowledge of self has led me to explore feelings of oppression while using nature and symbols to combat pain both self-inflicted and/or external forces.”

Her frequent use of acrylics punctuates her art’s unique character, emphasizing the space between the solidly here and the otherworldly there.

On this page, we proudly share a sample of Gloria Martin’s artwork. To see more, visit or her Instagram site @gloriajeanstudio.

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