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July Editor’s Note

Who’s that doggy on the cover?

Why, that’s Pursuit!

Each July, our magazine offers a special section devoted to our beloved animal companions. So, in past years, we’ve had dog covers and cat covers and, once, even featured a picture of a canary perched atop the head of a boxer (the canine type, not the fighting type).

This year, it’s Pursuit’s turn to show off his handsome mug, as captured by our illustrator, Ryan Spahr. Pursuit is currently a resident of the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area and is looking for his forever home.

According to the Humane Society’s description, Pursuit, a pit bull mix, had some interesting adventures before landing in their care, including a mad dash from some pursuing police officers, which is how he got his name.

If you’re thinking about a pet, perhaps you’ll consider Pursuit or one of the other longer-term residents of our local shelter. A quick online search has a wealth of information about the animals in their care, including likes (for Pursuit, that’s food and other dogs) and dislikes (in his case, cats).

We hope you’ll find a great match for your home!

In addition to our pet theme, July stories include everything from arts to eats to events. Within these pages, you’re certain to discover something new or interesting or just lots of fun.

Lastly, July is a big vacation month. In the past, readers have sent us photos from their holidays, taking TheBurg along as they traveled everywhere from Florida to Italy, from Hawaii to France. If you’ve packed up a copy for vacation reading, send us a pic from the road, from the beach or from abroad, and we’ll be delighted to share it on our social media pages.

Happy summertime, everyone!

Lawrance Binda

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