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January Editor’s Note

Each January, the calendar flips, and we gaze ahead to the next 12 months.

For me, it’s a cause for optimism.

I kick aside the past year, filled with so much old clutter, and re-discover the hope of the great, unknown future.

That’s a big part of the joy of the new year—imagining what lies ahead.

Having said that, there are a few things we already know about what to expect for 2022.

First of all, Harrisburg will have a new mayor and administration, the first in eight years. So, there will be a lot of new faces and ways of doing things around city hall, including some fresh priorities.

Secondly, we’ll still be wrestling with the pandemic, as the coronavirus curse enters year number three. I’m cautiously optimistic that this situation will improve as we plod through the year—though I may have said that last year, as well.

My third expectation is my most strongly held.

I’m confident that TheBurg will be here, robustly serving the greater Harrisburg community, throughout 2022, as we enter our 14th year of publication.

Two years ago, if someone had told me that the pandemic would last this long, I would have packed up my desk and handed in my keys. But not only are we still publishing, we’re stronger than ever.

We have the greater Harrisburg community to thank for this. The long thank-you list includes our advertisers, community publishers, sponsors, supporters and, of course, our incredible Friends of TheBurg. We appreciate you all so much!

We at TheBurg wish all of our readers and supporters a healthy and happy 2022. We’re delighted to offer you our news, magazine, events, podcast—and everything else we do—for another year. Here’s hoping that 2022 will be a great year for you, for your family and for Harrisburg.

Lawrance Binda

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