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February Editor’s Note

Every month, I fret about the weather.

My anxiety begins around the middle of the month, when I first look at the long-range forecast. I’m checking the prediction for 10 days ahead, when we do our big delivery—20,000 or so print copies sent to hundreds of drop-off locations in seven counties around the midstate.

If all looks good (preferably warm and dry), I breathe a sigh of relief and declare all systems go. If the forecast is bad, I may need to adjust the plan. This causes a cascading problem for our staff, our printer and our drivers, who all need to make changes on the fly.

When I started TheBurg, I didn’t realize that one of my greatest concerns each month would be the weather. I guess I can add that to my long list of unforeseen challenges in what I call “the monthly miracle”—producing TheBurg and getting it out on the streets like clockwork, every month for over 13 years.

I mention it this month because February always rises to the top of my weather worries.

Statistically, this is the Harrisburg area’s snowiest month. With the delivery of the February issue, we’re in the heart of mid-winter, smack-dab in the season of snow, ice, wind and cold.

Now, we’ve delivered in some terrible rain and windstorms. But winter weather is another matter entirely. So, here’s hoping the February issue reaches you on time, in perfectly dry condition, on or just before Feb. 1. And if Mother Nature turns against us, don’t worry—we’ll be at your favorite pickup spot soon!

I do hope you’ll grab a copy this month, as you’ll find a wide variety of community news, features, profiles and events. Each February, we pay special honor to our area’s wonderfully rich Black history and culture, so those stories, in particular, are not to be missed.

Lastly, mid-winter reminds me that TheBurg is extremely fortunate to have such an excellent, dedicated and reliable delivery team. Their names aren’t usually in print or on our website, but, without them, we’d be in deep trouble indeed.

So, here’s to Kathy, Lance, Mike, Jenn, Suzanne and Hillary! If you see them making the rounds this month, give them a big “thanks”—and maybe even hold the door open for them. They’re an essential part of getting TheBurg into your hands each month, come rain, shine or snow.

Lawrance Binda

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