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Bob’s Art Blog: Art Party Must Go On

Chad Whitaker’s soft sculptures

By their very nature, parties are a celebration and validation of life, friends and the very things that matter most in life—relationships. Man is a social animal, and what are we if we do not have friends?

There was no shortage of those on Friday night at the Civic Club of Harrisburg for a “Winter Art Party” celebrating diversity through art, hosted by Reina Wooden, “R76.”

February’s 3rd in the Burg special event left those in attendance with an “art afterglow.” Basking in the presence of many varied artists, all sharing a positive take on their respective mediums, allowed for a night apart from other 3rd in the Burgs. It provided the opportunity for collective creatives, mixed in with the night’s guests, to “network and nosh” on some great barbecue by Queen’s BBQ and Southern Cuisine.

Beyond the artists were musicians Ari De Leo, featuring Winter Parks on the upstairs ballroom stage, lighting it up and sharing space with Chad Whitaker’s soft sculptures. A covey of creativity commingled en masse (as much as safety protocols allowed) in the spacious ballroom upstairs, maneuvering six feet apart. Judging by the turnout, dance cards were filled and egos checked at the door accordingly, as partygoers were thrilled to have an art event to attend.

Hostess Wooden and consort Charlie Feathers were over the moon by visitors coming and going all night long and are looking to do more art pop-ups throughout the year. In light of Mother Nature leaving frigid temperatures and some snow on the ground, the elements did not deter the hearty and the brave. The show itself, billed by an art blogger called Bob, name-dropped the artists as the “Maestros of Midtown.” In addition to the host, the Fab Fourteen are comprised of Shawn Maykovich who groomed the grapevine while Nora Carreras and Jonathan Frazier added to the downstairs decor with paintings potent and punctilious. Meanwhile, upstairs, artists Grace Robinson, Beau MacGinnes, Zack Rudy and Garrick Dorsett as a set (pictured), Larry Washington, Jr., Ghost Bae, Jelani Splawn, Claudie Kenion and Bethany Nicholle shared the spotlight.

It was a night to see and be seen. From politicos to gallery owners, the crowd was rabid to meet the artists. The vibe was contagious, and, by all reports, the evening a huge success. So much so that a second chance opening today, Sunday, Feb. 21 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., grants the art-going public another opportunity to meet most of the artists, view the art up close and even purchase. From a one night only to a one day more.

The evening was capped off by Mike Sutherland shooting the scene for posterity. Think of Friday’s party as electric and today’s encore as an acoustic set, stripped down and mellow, easy like a Sunday.

The Winter Art Party continues today, Sunday, Feb. 21, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., at the Civic Club of Harrisburg, 612 N. Front St., Harrisburg.

Photos by Beau MacGinnes


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