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Bob’s Art Blog: Art Party at the Civic Club

Abstracts by Bethany Nicholle will be part of a group show at the Civic Club of Harrisburg during 3rd in the Burg on Friday.

Alas, St. Valentine has plucked his bow till next year, and Mardi Gras is tomorrow, if it were being held. But take heart, revelers, 3rd in the Burg arrives this Friday.

At last count, 23 venues were slated to open for the day’s festivities, with one truly special event taking  place at the Civic Club of Harrisburg from 5 to 9 p.m. Know this…You Are Invited. Due to extenuating circumstances caused by the pandemic, the evening’s festivities are limited to 25 visitors at a time for safety measures and everyone’s welfare.

The artists inside are well worth coming out to support. Live music will be provided by Ari De Leo featuring Winter Parks. Scrumptious food will be provided by Queen’s BBQ and Southern Cuisine. And there will be artists a-plenty. In addition, it is a BYOB. Civic Club President Marybeth Lehtimaki wants to ensure everyone’s safety with social distancing a priority even within the spacious layout of the venerable mansion, The Overlook. Local artist Reina Wooden coordinated the evening’s entertainment, food and music, as well as the roster of artists. The show could be suitably titled “Maestros of Midtown” as the artists assembled reads like a who’s who of local talent.

Artist Reina “R76” Wooden organized the event at the Civic Club.

Artist Bethany Nicholle will feature her adventurous abstract paintings, done in unique color combinations. Larry Washington, Jr.’s (Larry Lenzz) packs a wallop with a one-two photographic punch. Nora Carreras is a mixed media artist who specializes in recycling found objects to become dramatic totems as well as creating breathtaking paintings. Jonathan Frazier exhales more than plein air into his paintings and is a modern day Renaissance man. Zack Rudy and Garrick Dorsett are long-time friends as they comprise the HuckleBuckle Boys, brandishing art outside of the corral.

A painting by Grace Robinson

Jelani Splawn, aka Jelly the Photographer, will share some cool shots for sure, and Shawn Maykovich cuts a wide swath with grapevine galore. Ghost Bae, tattoo artist, puts her stamp on the scene, as does Grace Robinson’s “soul searching” studies and portraiture. Claudie Kenion’s Black Lives Matter masks and gear are made to Unite Central PA as part of his nonprofit. Chad E. Whitaker’s soft sculptures are soothing and serene. Beau MacGinnes expands his repertoire well beyond “Art in the Wild,” returning to his first love, photography. Charlie Feathers adds his stylized skill with skulls and sculptures. Hostess, Reina “R76” Wooden brings crowns fit for a king and queen with her paintings. Even the paparazzi will be there flashing bulbs, fast and furious, in the form of Mike Sutherland catching the night’s glamour, galvanizing guests in the moment candidly.

A work by Nora Carreras

This event has long been in the making, originally scheduled for December with promotional flyers printed in October by the Civic Club’s Ashley Winch. If the weather cooperates, especially in February, be prepared for a little wait. Bundle up, mask up, and if you happen to be a fan of Poe (like me), most assuredly “cask up,” even if what you are drinking is not amontillado. Masks are mandatory as is social distancing. Stay warm, be safe and have fun this Friday no matter where 3rd in the Burg finds you. The evening will be eclectic in the mix of art, electric in the music offered, extraordinary edibles and entertaining in the overall presentation at the Civic Club. Most of all, be civic-minded and civilized.

3rd in the Burg takes place at numerous venues around Harrisburg, including at the Civic Club of Harrisburg, 612 N. Front St., this Friday, Feb. 19. For more information, visit the website.


One Lens: Sharing Our Common Views 

“One Lens” is a photographic initiative and the vision of the first lady of Pennsylvania, Frances Wolf. Recognizing the bond that individuals share in unifying communities across the state, she encourages sharing their photographic narratives as a response to the pandemic. Out of this fervent desire grew her idea for this virtual photo exhibit. Entries for the exhibit are open to the public for submission to Pennsylvania residents who are at least 18 years of age. The photos submitted should be borne out of the timeframe encapsulating March 2020 to the present day. Photographs may be submitted from Feb. 8 through March 19, with the virtual photo exhibit opening on March 19. Pennsylvanians “have made great sacrifices throughout the year, but the determination, tenacity and love shared have been even greater,” she stated.

For more information about “One Lens: Sharing Our Common Views,” visit the website.

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