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April Editor’s Note

Over the years, many people have mentioned to me that April is their favorite month.

That’s certainly understandable.

In the Harrisburg area, April is usually the month when winter finally relents to a sustainable spring.

Pretty flowers, warmer weather, longer days. What’s not to like?

For me, this April will be particularly welcomed. Not only are we slogging our way out of the cold and dark, but we continue to try to break free of the dreadful pandemic, which has been far bleaker than even the worst, longest central PA winter.

Looking ahead, we can expect months of being able to gather outdoors for dinners, drinks, games, barbecues, etc. By the time we’re forced back inside again on a chilly autumn night, we just may be comfortable being indoors with others. At least, that’s my hope.

Each year in TheBurg, we welcome April with spring-like stories and photos. Last year, we even featured an image of a bluish succulent, continuing our tradition of flowery covers, but one that, I thought, perfectly captured the mood of sorrow that had descended over us.

But not so this year! We’re delighted to bring back bright greens and vibrant colors to indicate that vitality and hope lay ahead.

In addition to spring-themed stories, our issue contains other indications that we’re finally moving forward. For the first time in forever, we have a story or two about live events (remember those?), and our issue also focuses on other ways that we, as a community, are progressing.

What’s the old saying—hope springs eternal? This year, I’d like to adjust that phrase slightly to emphasize the eternal hope of spring. Happy April everyone!

Lawrance Binda


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