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Women in Business: Nell McCormack Abom

Nell McCormack Abom, Owner
Nell McCormack Abom Communications

Why did you decide to go into your profession?

Curiosity is an integral part of my nature. I am fascinated by people, places and things, and that innate curiosity about the world led me to my first passion, journalism. I devoted nearly 20 years of my professional life to reporting, anchoring and producing award-winning television news programs around the country. Amid that path, I took a 10-year detour and drove the news as a senior communications advisor to Governors Bob Casey and Tom Ridge. That bipartisan and proactive communications experience deepened my understanding of effective messaging and potent storytelling to bring about behavioral and policy changes. My career has come full circle now as an accomplished, award-winning public relations entrepreneur. Through my PR firm, and in collaboration with skilled partners, we help clients promote their products and services, and better the world through their philanthropy.


What makes your approach to your job different or unique?

We’re small but mighty! When you hire a PR professional, you want to build a trustworthy relationship and see a strong return on investment. We are highly responsive and strive to deliver excellence every day with attention to detail, creativity, enthusiasm and teamwork. Clients benefit from our active listening to their concerns and expectations, and they appreciate our customized, multi-faceted, strategic messaging plans. We keep them apprised and engaged every step of the way. I love the Farmers Insurance tagline, “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.” As seasoned media training and PR professionals, our team thrives on calming tense situations; making complex subjects relatable to people; and producing visual events that motivate audiences to act. We’ve even overcome international custom and language barriers to deliver world-class results while managing media on government trade missions. Here in Central PA, our talented and experienced team represents a diverse portfolio of nonprofit and commercial clients who trust our character, connections, expertise, judgment, and passion to achieve success.


What’s the most fun or gratifying part of what you do?

Work is a four-letter word, but we make it F U N! I’m most gratified advocating to the media on a client’s behalf; crafting stories and videos; and training individuals how to find and use their voice to bring their vision to life. Whether promoting the protection of children from abuse or flipping the switch on the first local hotel to go 100-percent solar-powered, our joy comes in helping clients make our communities a better place to live, play and work. Together, let’s Be Brilliant in all we do!

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