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What’s the Skinny? Local estheticians offer skincare tips.

The Harrisburg region is home to some of the most experienced skincare professionals (estheticians) in central PA.

An esthetician specializes in the beautification of the skin by dealing with skin concerns like sun damage, pigmentation, acne, acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone and texture. Estheticians do not diagnose or treat skin diseases. Instead, they focus on the overall health and beauty of the skin.

Estheticians analyze your skin and work with you to craft a personalized program that includes professional skin treatments and home care products. An esthetician guides you on your journey to better skin.

I had the chance to chat with several local estheticians and gather some tips and advice. Like myself, each of these seasoned estheticians has 20 or more years of experience in the industry. We are all passionate about skincare and love what we do.

I’ll start things off with our first tip.

Make nighttime skincare a priority.
When you sleep, your skin has time to repair and regenerate. During sleep, you produce collagen, the protein that gives you shiny hair, strong nails and glowing skin. Sleep also allows your body to properly absorb your skincare products. Reap the rewards of beauty sleep by sticking to a nighttime skincare routine.

If you find yourself skipping a nightly routine because you’re too tired before bedtime, try making time earlier in the evening. Here’s a quick five- to 10-minute routine that anyone can follow:

  1. Cleanse to wash off makeup, dirt and pollution from the day.
  2. Apply a serum. Concentrated serums are the most potent step in your skincare routine. Your skin issues will determine what product you’ll need.
  3. Moisturize to seal in hydration.

Follow these steps each night, and you’ll wake up with glowing skin.

It’s never too early to start an anti-aging skincare regime.
This tip comes from Tracey Lencioni of Innovations Skin Care in Harrisburg. Her best advice is don’t wait until wrinkles and poor skin texture are evident. The best plan to age gracefully is to use quality skincare products and have regular skincare treatments. Be proactive. Have an anti-aging game plan before you notice aging skin.

Maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your skin.
Alice Brewbaker of Serenity Skin Care in Camp Hill spoke about the importance of skin maintenance. She tells all of her clients that, to have great skin, you need to maintain it. Regular facials, good skincare products and sunscreen are essential for glowing skin. You maintain everything else in your life, like your hair, nails, diet and fitness. By maintaining your skin, you always put your best face forward.

The “holy trinity” of skincare.
Robin Keister of Waters Edge in Camp Hill shared her product tips, which together constitute what she calls “the holy trinity” of skincare. In the morning use a good vitamin C applied topically, followed by a broad-spectrum SPF, preferably a mineral sunblock. In the evening, apply a quality retinol cream that also contains antioxidants to speed up your cellular turnover and help with fine lines, wrinkles and unwanted pigment.

Wear sunscreen in the winter.
Dianne Stein of Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery in Harrisburg is a true believer in sunscreen every day of the year. While UVB rays (burning rays) are somewhat weaker in the winter, and you won’t get sunburned as easily, those pesky UVA rays that cause wrinkles, premature aging and make us dry and dehydrated are just as strong all year long. Indoor lighting, our phones and all other lighting also affects our skin and can cause premature aging, as well.  There is no reason to not wear SPF.  There are so many cosmetically elegant, tinted sunscreens available to choose from.

Our final two tips will help you enhance your glowing skin.

Get the perfect set of brows by knowing your options.
Patricia Moore of Lasting Looks in Harrisburg. emphasized eyebrow enhancement, particularly microblading, a newer, increasingly popular treatment. It is meant to look like natural hair strokes and uses a blade with many micro-needles to create fine hair strokes. It is semi-permanent and fades over time. Permanent eyebrow makeup creates more of a thick, solid line and is meant to last the course of a client’s lifetime because the pigment is deposited deeper in the skin using a tattoo gun with a rotary and coil to draw on the eyebrows. Always seek the advice of a professional that is skilled in both methods before deciding what is best for you.

Follow your bone structure when enhancing your features.
Carmina Cristina of Carmina Cristina Makeup in Camp Hill offered a tip for flawless, natural-looking makeup. If you follow your bone structure when enhancing your features (eyes, cheeks, eyebrows), your makeup will stay true to who you are and always look natural and like it belongs there.

Make 2020 your year for healthy, beautiful and glowing skin. Take time for yourself, follow our tips, and remember that skincare is self-care.

Nadine Quava is an esthetician with the Skin Care Coach, 2204 Market St., Suite 5, Camp Hill. For more information call 717-903-4441 or visit

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