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Shape Space: New takes and trusted methods at Sculpt Pilates.

Jessi Feltenberger at Sculpt Pilates and Barre

Beth Seitz discovered Pilates 17 years ago.

She had just given birth to her son, which was wonderful, but, during her pregnancy, had gained some 70 pounds, which wasn’t.

“It really helped to get me back into shape,” she said.

Seitz is now helping others get fit through Sculpt Pilates and Barre, an exercise studio that debuted a few months ago on Front Street in Uptown Harrisburg.

“We take time to focus on each of our clients individually,” she said. “We can accommodate people of all sizes and all ages.”

For those not familiar with Pilates, the exercise method was invented a century ago by Joseph Pilates, who turned to exercise and athletics as a way to triumph over childhood illness. He went on to develop his own exercise system based on the Greek concept of a person balanced in mind, body and spirit.

Seitz believes that Pilates offers “a different sort of mind/body connection” than does yoga.

“Yoga is more intimidating than Pilates,” she said. “Pilates is more user-friendly.”

Seitz began teaching Pilates six years ago “because I was a stay-at-home mom and needed something to do,” she said.

After teaching at another studio for five years, she decided to open her own studio based on “how I thought Pilates should be.”

Sculpt Pilates features an onsite fuse ladder, a device that combines spring weight exercises with climbing, hanging, agility and balancing techniques. Clients also can opt to strengthen and tone their muscles with the facility’s professional-grade barres.

“There’s a lot more to Pilates than people think,” Seitz said. “It works all the small supporting muscles. The barre is for cardio and strength.”

Additionally, Seitz’s venue offers several “Studio Reformer” units—essential apparatus for Pilates—with adjustable footbars that accommodate clients of all heights, including children, as well as people with injuries or limited mobility.

“It’s really rewarding to see our clients progress and feel better,” she said. “They begin to stand taller and look and feel more relaxed. People lose weight when they do Pilates, but it’s really more about the mind/body connection that it gives you.”

Today, Seitz no longer teaches, focusing on the business’ administrative duties. Her staff includes instructors Cari Glunz, Jessi Feltenberger and Nicole Cassel. Sculpt offers a variety of classes in groups or on an individual basis.

Dan Ford has been a Sculpt client since the studio opened in August. He travels from his Lower Paxton Township home six days a week to work with Feltenberger and Glunz.

“Every day is a different routine,” he said. “It feels different every day because you’re using different muscles than you did the day before. Pilates gives me a really good workout, and my joints don’t hurt as much.”

Ford also is quick to praise how Seitz manages her studio.

“It’s a great facility,” he said. “Beth is a great owner. She’s very accessible and always calls me right back.”


Sculpt Pilates and Barre is located at 2609 N. Front St., Harrisburg. For more information, call 717-645-0778 or visit

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