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The Week that Was: News and features around Harrisburg

Newly hatched chicks strut their fluff at the PA Farm Show.

It was almost like the holidays never happened, as everyone settled back into their old routines this past week. Here at TheBurg, we had five full days of news reporting, and, boy, are we tired. In case a Farm Show food coma caused you to miss any of our coverage, we have it all recapped right here.

Art had a good year in Harrisburg in 2019. So says our fine arts writer in his look back at the past 12 months. Take a blast into the recent past with his year-in-review blog.

Capital Region Water soon will have a new home, as the water/sewer authority has bought an office building on Front Street in Uptown Harrisburg. Find out the details of their move and what that may mean for customers from our online story.

Harrisburg swore into office three returning City Council members, as well as the city treasurer. Afterwards, council held a reorganization meeting to elect a president, who indicated her priorities for the next two years. Our online news story has all the details.

Harrisburg police held their annual swearing in and promotion ceremony this past week at Whitaker Center. We got a first look at the newest recruits, in addition to the many veterans taking on more senior posts. Get glimpse at the pomp and the circumstance in our news story.

Midtown Cinema passed an important milestone on its way to a major improvement project. Our story tells what happened and offers an updated timeline for the construction.

No Shave November finally concluded last week, with Harrisburg police scraping off two months worth of fuzz. Find out why they hung up their razors for eight weeks from our online story. Hint: It was for a good cause.

PA Farm Show has many attractions, but we chose to write about chickens this week. The chick hatchery is always a highlight of the show, and this year was no exception. So, we paid it a visit for our online story.

Qualified Opportunity Zones were touted as a new way to drive investment into poorer communities, including those in Harrisburg. Our January feature story takes a hard look to see if anything has developed.

Queen’s BBQ & Southern Cuisine isn’t technically open for business yet, but they are welcoming people who want to sample their food. Find out the details of what the owners plan to do in our most-read story of the week.

Salvation Army last year moved into a brand-new and much larger facility near the Harrisburg city line. Our magazine feature explains why the move was made and takes a peek into the new building.

Sara Bozich is gearing up for the final days of the 2020 PA Farm Show. But she says there’s plenty to do this weekend around Harrisburg even if you never step foot into grand exposition space. Check out her weekly list of events and activities here.

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