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Home Brewed: PA’s craft beer scene highlighted in new series

At Boneshire Brew Works, GK Visual interviews Shaun Harris, Timothy White and JT Thomas of Harrisburg’s Harris Family Brewery.

If there are any winners in this COVID-19 pandemic, television and movie streaming platforms are definitely up there, next to gold medalist Zoom, of course.

Two months into quarantine, people are probably making good progress on their to-binge list. Harrisburg-based GK Visual has one for you to add.

“Poured in PA: The Series” follows brewers and beer lovers, highlighting the rich craft beer scene in the Keystone State.

“This is for beer lovers, but also those who aren’t as familiar with beer,” GK Visual’s owner Nate Kresge said. “You learn about the history, people and the entrepreneurship.”

The series, streaming starting on June 1 on YouTube, comes after GK Visual’s two full-length documentaries, “Brewed in the Burg” and the award-winning “Poured in Pennsylvania.”

While the past films focused on the industry and companies within it, Kresge said the series is more focused on the people.

“This is going to be more human interest-focused,” he said. “It’s not just about beer itself.”

Throughout the series, viewers will experience Pittsburgh’s Fresh Fest—the country’s first African American beer festival–explore the “influencer” movement within the beer industry and check out PA brewers catering to dog owners.

Some episodes will spotlight the ways small craft brewers are surviving during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve always loved the craft beer industry because there’s this brother/sister relationship,” Kresge said. “Brewers have really banded together.”

He hopes the series inspires viewers to support their local breweries during this difficult time.

Five episodes will be released on Monday, but Kresge confirmed that more are already in the works. He hopes the series format will allow for more up-to-date stories that build upon their past work.

“Poured in PA: The Series” debuts on June 1. For more information, visit the website or watch the trailer here.

Updated on 5/29/20 to reflect GK Visual changing release platform from Amazon Prime to YouTube.


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