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Click & Toss: Harrisburg announces new recycling, sanitation app.

Sanitation and recycling services in Harrisburg are about to get a little more user-friendly.

The city today announced a new app called Recycle Coach, which allows residents to get the latest information on sanitation services, schedules, what and where to recycle, collection requirements and more.

“[The app provides] details people need to understand, like the way food could potentially contaminate recyclables,” said Mayor Eric Papenfuse. “The app addresses all this, and it’s really interesting, easy to use and fun.”

Already used in other states and countries, Recycle Coach is now available for Harrisburg residents. The app is personalized via language, building type (apartment or home) and address. Using that information, six tabs on the home screen offer users various types of functionality, information and additional options.

The “my schedule” tab is a monthly calendar that indicates when sanitation workers will collect certain items. Icons indicate the type of waste—from regular trash to yard waste—that will be collected on which day. The app also allows users to add reminders for certain collection or disposal days.

The “what goes where” tab helps users find the proper disposal method and location for items they may be unsure about.

“Be a better recycler” is a quiz in which users can discover the rights and wrongs of your recycling habits.

“Communication” allows users to send a report to technical support and to the Department of Public Works. “More resources” has a list of local waste and recycling companies. Under each company, there is a list of which items they recycle, their services and their contact information.

“Collection requirements” provides information on curbside programs and requirements, such as what is collected, information on electronic and large appliance collections and more.

John Rarig, Harrisburg’s recycling coordinator, said that the Recycle Coach app will help the city get sanitation information out to the public quicker.

“This app will allow us to update information as things change [such as] weather problems and things that we can notify the populous about,” he said. “[Recycle Coach] is very easy to work with, and we think this is a great thing for Harrisburg.”

Harrisburg residents can access Recycle Coach not only from their smartphones, but also via computers and voice assistants such as Alexa.

“I feel that [the app] really empowers people to become better recyclers and take a greater interest in what they are doing,” Papenfuse said. “I encourage everyone to download it on their phones. It’s quick. It took just a few seconds to download.”

The Recycle Coach is free and available for Apple and Android users. For the online version or more information visit


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