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Weekend Roundup with Sara Bozich

If for some reason you need things to do this weekend around Harrisburg and central PA, we have some below. Recommended: virtual or outdoor events only.

Things on my agenda this weekend: Cooking and projects and cleaning.

For goodness sakes, stay home! ICYMI, you must now wear a mask when you’re around anyone who doesn’t live with you, indoors or out. Yes. Please order takeout, shop locally online, call places, and get information. Try to stay in as much as possible, and when out, please just be patient, calm, and abide by guidelines. Wash your damn hands.

For your weekend planning:

Below are ample options for your weekend. Moving forward, virtual and takeout-type events will be highlighted at the top of each day’s list.

Weekend Roundup | Sara Bozich

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Top Weekend Recs

  1. Pre-order your Turkey from RG Hummer
  2. Grab delicious local cheese from Revittle Market
  3. Drink PA cider! Ploughman Cider delivers to your door.
  4. Tattered Flag ships beer and spirits faster than Prime! Two words: Canned. Cocktails.
  5. Watch Poured in PA: The Series
  6. Shop online with Meeka Fine Jewelry.

COVID-19 Disclaimer: As always, please click through the links or call ahead to get the most up-to-date information about venues and/or events below. It should also go without saying, but I’ll say it — Mask up, follow the rules, and be nice. And tip extra!





What are you doing this weekend around Harrisburg? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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