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Denim Coffee Company plans Harrisburg location, adding to coffee scene

Future location of Denim Coffee on Walnut St.

Matt Ramsay of Denim Coffee Company knows the coffee scene in Harrisburg is already strong, but thinks his brew could make it even richer.

With two existing shops in Carlisle and Chambersburg, Ramsay is ready for a third, and, to him, Harrisburg seems like the perfect place. In the coming months, Denim Coffee plans to open at 401 Walnut St.

“We want to expand, and we want to grow,” Ramsay, the founder, said. “We love Harrisburg.”

The team, including co-owner Tony Diehl, has been looking at the location for over two years, Ramsay said. Once they finally got into the shop to begin work, the pandemic halted the process for a while. He said that they are now back to work and on the home stretch. Although there is not yet a set date due to COVID, they are looking at a February opening.

Denim Coffee’s Harrisburg shop will be the most high-tech of the three, including a number of machines that will come up through the bar counter, Ramsay said. There will also be a “robot-like” coffee brewer and a milk dispenser shipped from Australia.

Denim has roasted their own coffee for 10 years and sources the beans from places like Honduras, Nicaragua and Ethiopia. The roaster and headquarters are based in Shippensburg.

The vibe of the coffee shop will be similar to the others–minimalist with cool, denim-inspired tones. The bar will be white, as will all of the appliances on the counter, creating a clean, crisp look, Ramsay said.

He believes that bringing more quality coffee shops to Harrisburg won’t produce competition, as some may think, but rather draw more coffee lovers to Harrisburg.

“I really believe we are going to become part of the coffee culture in Harrisburg and help Harrisburg become even more of a coffee scene,” Ramsay said. “We are all going to do better.”

With state workers kept at home during COVID, there is some concern for how that will affect Denim’s business, which will neighbor the Capitol building. Even so, Denim plans to open its doors.

“It’s a great space, and we are committed,” Ramsay said. “We are just stoked to serve coffee.”

Denim Coffee Company will be located at 401 Walnut St., Harrisburg. For more information, visit their website.

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