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Musical Notes: November Jumble–this month, something for every ear.

Well, we’re nearing the close of another crazy year. The end of fall is near and, as Jon Snow would say, winter is coming. November’s my birth month, and I’ve always loved fall, so it’s a special time of the year to me.

This month, venues across Harrisburg will host some equally special shows for you to enjoy. This month’s featured shows are a few that I’m pretty excited about. Some pysch rock, some indie rock and some post punk top my list, but be sure to check out the chamber music, festivals and local shows also going on around town. Happy birthday to my fellow November-born readers—and happy listening.

About a year ago, I saw Birds play a show at Zeroday with a few local bands, so trust me when I say that these dudes are cool enough to see twice. The Brooklyn-based band is a self-described “psychedelic weird pop” group consisting of guitarist/vocalist Duane Lauginiger, drummer Tim Plunkett, guitarist Jess Rees and bassist/vocalist Jessica Reynoza. If you’re a sucker for some energetic psych rock with spacey guitars and dreamy vocals, don’t miss out on this show. Joining them at downtown Little Amps is fellow Brooklyn band Stuyedeyed, specializing in their own brand of “sike garbage spunk” and local beach boys Concrete Beach, bringing you some surfy garage rock. Check out Birds’ latest album, “Running Water,” on Bandcamp if you want a sneak preview. “Coming Up” is definitely worth a listen. 

There’s definitely a lot of hype around the city for this show. That’s probably because these Litiz natives have perfected their shoegaze-inspired indie sound throughout their relatively new career. The Districts was started by vocalist/guitarist Rob Grote, bassist Connor Jacobus and drummer Braden Lawrence while they were high-schoolers. After working the local scene, they released their debut, “Telephone,” in 2012 and worked with producer John Congleton, known for his work with acts such as St. Vincent and Kurt Vile. After writing extensively and experimenting with their sound, the Districts have achieved quite the reputation with their newest album, “Popular Manipulations.” Check it out if you get the chance, or check out my favorite album of theirs, “A Flourish and a Spoil.” I get the feeling that this show’s gonna sell out fast, so get your tickets while you can!

I love a good show at Der Maennerchor, and, luckily, we’ve got a powerful performance coming our way. Near the end of the month, Harrisburg’s art group, Moviate, is hosting Radian, a post-rock/post-punk band from Austria. Moviate is all about bringing unique music and art to Harrisburg, and this group is no exception. Radian is comprised of Martin Brandlmayr on drums and electronics, John Norman on bass and Martin Slewert on guitars, lapsteel and electronics. Together, they create a dynamic electronic experience that you have to hear to understand. They have been reviewed by The Wire and BBC, and called “…a band with impressively original density and texture” by Will Montgomery, a writer for The New York Times. If you want a taste, look up the video for their song “Transistor” for the full art punk experience.

RAQ, Nov. 2, The Abbey Bar
A Night of Chamber Music, Nov. 3, H*MAC Capitol Room
Steven Courtney Band, Nov. 11, River City Blues Club
PennsylMania Music Fest, Nov. 11, H*MAC Capitol Room
Country Music Festival, Nov. 11 & 12, Spring Gate Vineyard
Crystal Haze, Nov. 18, River City Blues Club
Consider the Source, Nov. 30, The Abbey Bar

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