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At the Start: Local musician Amber Nadine set to release her first album.

Amber Nadine

Melodies of self-discovery, love and reaching for happiness.

Local musician Amber Nadine channels these emotional themes into 13 optimistic and honest self-written songs on her first full-length album, “New Beginnings.”

Describing her music as country pop, Nadine typically performs solo, focusing on guitar and vocals. While singing has always been a part of her life, writing music only took root after she graduated from high school and went through her first bad breakup.

Nadine describes that time as going “full-on Taylor Swift.”

“I felt like I needed to do something to get through it,” she said. “Writing was the first option, and it stuck.”

Playing a mix of her own music and top-40 hits, Nadine performs regularly around central PA at venues such as St. Thomas Roasters in Linglestown and Sarah’s Creamery in Dover. Ellen Shaffer of Sarah’s Creamery noted that Nadine has frequently played there over several years, both inside the shop and on the outdoor stage in the summer.

“Our customers just love her, and she is a great performer,” Shaffer said.

As for her songwriting process, Nadine describes it as quick and inspirational.

“An idea will literally hit me, and I can’t put it on paper fast enough,” she said. “I usually have a song written in 10 to 15 minutes. If it takes longer than that, I have to force it, and it just doesn’t work.”

Five years ago, Nadine was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease. Since then, her battle has influenced her song writing.

“Where I Wanna Be,” a song off the new album, was written after a tough relapse. In the song, she encourages herself to keep fighting until she gets to the place where she wants to be, physically and emotionally. This message of optimism is one that resonates throughout Nadine’s songwriting. Her favorite song off of the new album, “What You Need Me to Be,” is about being yourself in a world that makes it difficult because of the expectations we place on each other.

While music consumes most of her time, it’s not her only form of expression. Nadine is a self-published author of several books and pursues acting on the side. She recently finished filming an independent local movie titled “A Stray Ember,” set for release this spring.

Though she’s looking to expand her reach, she would be happy to make a living off of her own music and by performing in front of a live audience. And she looks forward to the formal release of “New Beginnings” on Dec. 5.

“This album is totally me,” she said. “This is as honest as I’ve gotten with my music. And it’s really exciting to be able to put myself and my music out there like this.”

She also couldn’t help but share the symbolic coincidence that the word “happy” is found 22 times within the album’s lyrics, and it will release on her 22nd birthday.

You can catch Amber Nadine’s album release events on Dec. 1, at Sarah’s Creamery, 121 S. Main St., Dover, and on Dec. 2, at Grill 22, 6197 Allentown Blvd., Harrisburg. For more information, visit

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