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Artist in Focus: Tristan Bond

If you’ve had a meal or drink in the HMAC courtyard, you’ve probably seen Tristan Bond’s work.

He’s the creator of the circular mural of the surrealist deer, a work mounted during the 2017 Harrisburg Mural Festival. Or perhaps you’ve seen his work at the HBG Flea or the Odd Ones Bizarre at the Millworks.

If you have, you’ll probably see certain threads running through his work, as his style is inspired by a combination of Japanese culture, anime, retro wave, Afro punk and pop culture.

“I believe my work shows the power that we all hold within ourselves,” Tristan says. “There are layers to us all, vulnerability and also strength, and I like to capture that by creating empowering pieces with strong female and male characters depicted as warriors and dressed in geometric armors.”

We’re delighted to share images of Tristan’s work on this page. To see more, follow him on Instagram at @bond_of_art.

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