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Style, History: Redeux–a shop with a past.

Alexandra and Avery Devoe.

Alexandra and Avery Devoe have a promise they mean to keep.

If you jump on I-83 down to York to visit their shop, Redeux Vintage and Handmade Marketplace, they’ll make it worth your drive.

“We’re not an antique store—we’re not a vintage store that never changes,” said Alexandra. “You come in here every week, and it looks completely different. We bring a piece in, it’s gone within two weeks if it’s really awesome.”

With more than 40 vendors showcasing their finds, Redeux’s a shop with style, personality and history.

Alexandra Devoe and her business partners bought the 8,000-square-foot building four years ago as part of a mission to help revitalize the city of York.

“For the past seven years, I have been engrossed in bringing downtown alive through culture, events and the arts,” she said.

After struggling to find the perfect tenant for such a large commercial property, Alexandra settled on the idea of doing her own project there. At the time, renting out artist studios was trendy, but it wasn’t quite up her alley.

But a quick search on Etsy revealed more than 100 online shops in the central Pennsylvania area, many of which had substantial sales and followings. With that knowledge—and her own background and interest in collecting vintage items—Alexandra had the idea to create a space for collectors to sell items to local audiences.

And what about the name, “Redeux?”

Alexandra said it’s in honor of the store’s previous owner, Red Klinedinst. A staple in downtown York, Klinedinst is best known for selling bikes—more specifically, the “Red Klinedinst specials.” When bikes weren’t being brought into the United States during World War II, he salvaged and repurposed old bikes for children to enjoy.

Now, Redeux is making its own mark in downtown York, with Alexandra backing off of her other commitments and projects to focus on the store.

“Our business has really evolved over the past year,” she said.

At 40 years old, Avery has a keen eye for what worked then and what works now, Alexandra said.

“He’s really good at buying stuff that people want to wear,” she said. “He’s been obsessed with pop culture his whole life. He’s seen every fashion trend since the early ‘80s, and, you know, what was actually hot and was not.”

Historical knowledge is very important when you’re selling vintage clothing and goods, she said.

“We constantly have to teach some of our vendors what’s good,” Avery added. “Even though it was good back then, doesn’t mean it’s good now.”

One interesting trend, the couple agreed, is how popular TV programs have affected their business. Customers often come in looking for pieces inspired by a hot show. For instance, last year, “Stranger Things” fans flocked to the store to find the perfect vintage item to mimic the Netflix series.

“People are doing shows from all decades, and it’s really bringing out the best from each decade,” Alexandra said. “People who didn’t know that the ‘80s were cool, know the ‘80s are cool now.”

But it doesn’t have to be the 1980s. It could be the ‘70s or ‘60s or ‘50s or whenever.

“One day, we’re getting a coat from an 85-year-old woman who kept it in mint condition her whole life,” Alexandra said. “It was her favorite coat when she moved to New York when she was 20. She gives it to us, and it’s an emotional experience for her.”

And the cycle continues.

“A week later, we’re giving it to the coolest babe within 100 miles,” she said. “And she’s buying it, and she’s wearing it out.”

And that speaks volumes to the mission of Redeux—dedicated to breathing new life into old pieces.

“What we’re doing is very trendy, but I think it’s going to be a long-lasting trend because we’re saving [things] from the dump,” Alexandra said. “And we’re finding stuff that you see when you’re watching TV, and we’re putting it in our store two weeks after the show comes out. Or it’s already here. It’s a good time to be doing what we’re doing.”

Redeux is located on 113 S. Duke St., York. For more information, call 717-850-8063 or visit or the Facebook page.

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