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Weekend Roundup with Sara Bozich

There are plenty of things to do this weekend around Harrisburg and central PA. Things on my agenda this weekend: relaxxxxxing ? just kidding, idk. I’ll probably get outside as much as possible and hang out with Bo.

For your weekend planning:

Below are ample options for your weekend, whether you’re laying low (there is no shame in the stay home game!) or venturing out.
Weekend Roundup: Things to Do in Harrisburg + around Central PA

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Top Weekend Recs

  1. RG Hummer now has a second location at West Shore Farmers Market
  2. Drink PA cider! Ploughman Cider delivers to your door.
  3. Tattered Flag ships beer and spirits faster than Prime! Two words: Canned. Cocktails.
  4. Watch Poured in PA: The Series
  5. Shop online with Meeka Fine Jewelry.
COVID-19 Disclaimer: As always, please click through the links or call ahead to get the most up-to-date information about venues and/or events below. It should also go without saying, but I’ll say it — Mask up, follow the rules, and be nice. And tip extra!





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