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TheBurg Podcast: “Time will Tell” Edition.

Fall colors at the riverfront Peace Garden in Uptown Harrisburg.

Harrisburg entered a brave new world this week when Gov. Tom Wolf signed the Municipal Financial Recovery Act (HB2557) into law, granting the city a one-way ticket out of Act 47 and financial distress.

In this week’s episode of TheBurg Podcast, Lizzy and Larry answer all your burning questions about what comes next. They also break down the findings of a recent city-wide housing study, which predicts a shortfall of more than 200 rental units in Harrisburg over the next three years.

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TheBurg Podcast is released semi-monthly by TheBurg Magazine. It is recorded in the offices of Startup Harrisburg and produced by Lizzy Hardison. Special thanks to Paul Coolley, who wrote our theme music.

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