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TheBurg Podcast, March 31, 2017

Welcome to TheBurg Podcast, a weekly roundup of news in and around Harrisburg.

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March 31, 2017: After a long hiatus, TheBurg Podcast returns. This week, editor-in-chief Lawrance Binda and city reporter Danielle Roth discuss the upcoming primary election, the city’s next steps with the sinkhole remediation project and student behavioral issues within Harrisburg School District. Larry shares his local election ‘bugaboos’ and both offer their take son the “Most Harrisburg Thing This Week.” As an added surprise, you may recognize the voices of those who excitedly welcomed back TheBurg Podcast.

Special thanks to Paul Cooley, who wrote our theme music. Check out his podcast, the PRC Show on iTunes.

Find the stories referenced in this week’s podcast: 

Sinkhole Solution Nears: City fronts costs for project’s first phase as it waits to receive national grants.

Harrisburg Schools Update: Board, Teachers Union Address Disruptive Student Behavior

Trash Can-Do: The reporters have long moved on, but the struggle against litter, dumping continues.


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