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TheBurg Podcast: Demolition Edition

You may have already picked up a print copy of TheBurg Magazine today — why not chase it with a new podcast?

On this week’s episode, Lizzy and Larry recap the mayor’s annual budget presentation. Where is Harrisburg’s money going in 2019? They also discuss PennDOT plans to widen 1-83 in Harrisburg, as well as the article Lizzy wrote for this month’s magazine about the rise and fall of downtown retail in the city.

You can stream the episode here or subscribe to TheBurg Podcast in the Apple and Android podcast apps:

You can also read our coverage of all the topics we discussed in this week’s podcast. Lizzy’s retail story is also out in print today, as is Larry’s column — which jibes well with our discussion of the Broad Street Market at the end of the episode. Find a copy at one of our distribution locations.

Mayor proposes 2019 budget with no tax hikes, slight spending decrease from current year.

A 12-lane highway in Harrisburg? It’s possible in PennDOT plan for I-83.

Retail Therapy: More people are choosing to live, work and play in Harrisburg. Could a retail revival be next?

Let’s Talk: The nation’s “social infrastructure” may be withering, but Harrisburg’s is growing stronger.

TheBurg Podcast is released semi-monthly by TheBurg Magazine. It is recorded in the offices of Startup Harrisburg and produced by Lizzy Hardison. Special thanks to Paul Coolley, who wrote our theme music.

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