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TheBurg Podcast, Dec. 1: Times, they are a-changing.

Illustration by Rich Hauck.

A lot happened at City Council this week, and it’s all covered all in TheBurg’s newest podcast.

Burg editor in chief Larry Binda and city reporter Lizzy Hardison offer a preview of the 2018 budget, consider the city’s options for exiting from Act 47 next year, and sit in slack-jawed wonder at Harrisburg’s peace treaty with National Civil War Museum. They end with a discussion about community policing techniques, which Lizzy writes about in this month’s issue of TheBurg.

Stream this week’s episode on SoundCloud, or download it in the iTunes or Android podcast apps.

Read coverage of the issues we discuss in this podcast:

HBG Budget: 2018 plan shows growing revenues, no new tax hikes.

Exit Strategy: Harrisburg seeks assistance as it eyes leaving Act 47.

Peace in Our Time: City, Civil War Museum finalize accord over artifacts, rent.

New Cops on the Block: How one police department built public trust with a community-centered approach.

Special thanks to Paul Cooley, who wrote our theme music. Check out his podcast, the PRC Show on iTunes.

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