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June Editor’s Note: Letter from the Pandemic

Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market. Photo: Dani Fresh

Pandemic: month four.

As I write my monthly introductory note, still stuck in my house, I wish I could say that things were on a big upswing in the greater Harrisburg area.

I wish I could say that we were meeting in bars, enjoying our favorite restaurants, taking in a Senators game.

Unfortunately, I can’t say this, but I do see small signs of hope.

On nice days, people still flock to the waterfront, the Broad Street Market remains busy and, at least so far, my neighborhood eateries are all in business.

When I run up and down the Susquehanna, life seems so normal. People are out walking, biking, playing with their dogs and just having a good time. At times like these, I can almost imagine the ordinary life that we never thought much about before, the one that we took for granted. I know I did.

But now imagine when we’re free to gather again, when we can visit with a friend, meet up for a cocktail, go shopping—all in person, not through freakin’ Zoom or whatever. Imagine that tingle you’ll feel on the first day, when you look around the room, awash in your surroundings. It may just happen one time, the first time, but that time will be glorious. That’s partly what’s sustaining me.

In the meantime, my greatest hope recently has been the outpouring of support for TheBurg. In April, we launched our “Friends of TheBurg” membership program, and I’ve been bowled over by the community’s response. We’re humbled by all the love we’ve been shown.

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, just go to our website for all the details and the great membership benefits. You’ll join a family of more than 160 people who became members just in the first month.

Will June represent a turning point as we fight this pandemic and get life back on track? Here’s to the hope that comes along with summertime.

Lawrance Binda

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