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January Editor’s Note

About eight months ago, I wrote something that, upon reflection, seems pretty dumb.

With a sigh of relief, I congratulated readers on making it through April. It was a month of lockdown, and I thought that things soon would get better.

Silly me.

Well, as they say, hope springs eternal. So, with the calendar mercifully flipping to a new year, I’m about to express the same sentiment.

Congratulations, Harrisburg, for making it through 2020, however bruised and battered we may be. I feel confident that we’ll rebound strongly in 2021, though the road back may be a bumpy one.

Personally, I’m determined to take away a few lessons from our year of pandemic, which will serve as my New Year’s resolutions this year.

First, I hope to more fully appreciate the small things. Numerous people have said to me that they don’t really miss the “big” things, like taking a major vacation. But they most miss simpler things that they once took for granted—meeting up with friends, enjoying a restaurant or bar, going to the gym, seeing parents or grandparents, hanging out at a favorite spot. And, importantly, not needing to wear a mask to do these things.

Second, I would like to be less judgmental. This is a tough one for a news editor, since we’re supposed to have opinions about almost everything. Compared to other news outlets, TheBurg already emphasizes reporting and facts over opinion and commentary. So, I guess I have a running start on this one.

Third, I’d like to be more empathetic. This goes a step beyond my previous resolution, as it involves trying to put myself in another person’s place. Yes, I have a life story and hopes and goals, but so does everyone else. It’s sometimes tough not to behave like we’re the only person on the planet.

Fourth, I’d like to add more humor to my life. This past year has been so bleak.

So, those are four goals, which is enough for now, since they’re going to require plenty of work. The toughest part will be simply keeping them in mind because, as well intentioned as we may be, we often return quickly to our old behavior patterns. But maybe an entire year of pandemic will shake me of that.

I wish all our readers, advertisers and supporters a wonderful 2021. The past year has been challenging for everyone and, like you, we look forward to better times ahead. Joyous, joyous New Year!

Lawrance Binda

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