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December Editor’s Note

One of my reporters calls herself “the COVID whisperer.”

She’s written so many stories about the coronavirus that I now have to apologize when I send her yet another assignment that somehow involves that horrible ailment.

In my three decades as a journalist, I’ve never seen one story so dominate the news.

COVID businesses? COVID vacations? COVID arts? Yup, we’ve done all of these—and many, many others. Hey, COVID Christmas, anyone?

So, my apologies to readers who may be exhausted by COVID “insert subject here.” However, the pandemic has shaken the foundation of our lives, has become the sea we’ve all had to swim in (or, more accurately, tread water in) for most of 2020.

In this issue, you’ll find a story or two or three that again references the pandemic, especially how it has reshaped our annual traditions. Each December, we feature a section on holiday celebrations, so, unfortunately, the subject couldn’t be avoided.

However, our stories, I believe, tend to take the glass-half-full approach, highlighting the incredible resiliency of our community and our traditions. In addition, this issue contains genuine signs of hope—for instance, new businesses that are opening despite the economic devastation wrought by the pandemic.

Having said this—I will be delighted when I never have to type those five capital letters again. Nothing will make me happier than when these stories are no longer necessary.

So, just for a moment, let’s think about next year. Let’s imagine a December 2021 with raucous holiday parties and huge family gatherings and hugs and kisses for the new year—all done without fear of catching or spreading this microscopic menace.

And that’s my holiday hope for all readers of TheBurg.

Lawrance Binda

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