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Burg Review: At Open Stage, a delightful night on the wrong side of Whoville

Rachel Landon as Cindy Lou Who in Open Stage’s new, must-see “Who’s Holiday!” Photo: Marc Faubel

“Who’s Holiday”: A Review in Verse

The night air was chilly
in need of a heater.
As people rushed into
Open Stage’s new theater.

Gathered were many,
the straight and the gay.
It was opening night
of “Who’s Holiday!”

We strode past the bar,
tickets were scanned in.
Seats, lights and music,
then the star, Rachel Landon!

She wore sparklers and frizzlers,
silky stockings and stays.
She was Cindy Lou Who
who had seen better days.

At first she seemed merry
but then started to curse.
As she spoke of a rough life
all in Seussian verse.

The years were not kind
since her fame as a toddler.
Her Grinch-ian fond-ship
had grown a little too fonder.

In a trailer she lived,
where she tried to be happy.
With cigs, pills and booze
and that whacky tobacky.

It was funny and touching
and bawdy, as well.
With jokes, songs and F bombs
from the talented Ms. L.

It ended rather wistful
with hope and delight.
My funny bone, I think,
grew three sizes that night!

Editor’s Note: My bad poetry aside, “Who’s Holiday!” is a fantastic production. Rachel Landon, alternatively hilarious, lecherous, sentimental and regretful, delivers a profoundly entertaining one-woman, adults-only show (directed by Stuart Landon). “Who’s Holiday” is for anyone who needs an off-colored respite from the annual onslaught of traditional holiday merriment. It may be the best (and funniest) way to spend 90 minutes in Harrisburg between now and New Year’s.

“Who’s Holiday!” runs through Dec. 28 at Open Stage, 25 N. Court St., Harrisburg. For more information and tickets, call 717-232-6736 or visit


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