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Bob’s Art Blog: Outsider Art

Along the Susquehanna River, nature makes its own art.

Life has changed dramatically for us all. Yet it is more important than ever to see beauty in the every day.

Often, adversity brings community closer. We are all in this together. Safety measures are self-evident. Take the necessary steps to stay healthy and hopeful.

The great outdoors is our best bet to capture beauty in its purely natural state. For now the arts community, like so many others, is in a holding pattern with no end date in sight.

There are a number of places close by to get exercise and view art in natural habitats surrounding us all. Nature walks can provide the perfect antidote to ennui, sequestered quarters and more. Nothing can lift our spirits like a beautiful sunrise or sunset or a walk through the woods.

A great starting point is Wildwood Park and the now in-progress eighth undertaking of “Art in the Wild.” Landscape artists began their new projects two weeks ago with the actually unveiling scheduled to take place on May 14. You can see and meet the artists now as they work to create installations for this year’s theme, “Woodland Harmony.”

An exhibit from a previous “Art in the Wild” at Wildwood Park

The view along the Susquehanna River is unsurpassed no matter the time of day or weather. It can afford a moment of peace and tranquility that stirs the soul. If the Uptown neighborhood is your go-to, then Italian Lake provides the perfect backdrop for a daylight trek. Walking trails and bike paths get you outdoors in the sun-soaked days of spring.

For a foray into an artistic endeavor this weekend, the Harrisburg Sketchers will be in action on Saturday at Soldiers Grove in back of the state Capitol building starting at 10 a.m., offering “Six Foot Outdoor Sketching.” The weather forecast is sunny for the weekend before rain arrives for the week ahead.

Italian Lake in Harrisburg

When you are out and about in your outdoor adventure, be sure to support your local businesses, restaurants and breweries for drive-by pickups and deliveries to your door. Community counts collectively. Friends and neighbors are the lifeblood of culture. Do your part whenever able.

Drink in the buds on the trees, the flowers pushing through the ground and listen to the song of the birds. They all bring great comfort in knowing there are brighter and better days ahead. There is no greater source for inspiration and hope than the canvas provided daily in the world around us. Especially in uncertain times, it gives us pause to count our blessings and to be able to partake in nature even if we are six-feet apart.

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