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Bob’s Art Blog: 3rd in the Burg Preview & Millworks VII

Prelude to the Season: October Burns Orange

Every year since I was a wee lad, I’ve had a love affair with the month of October. When the first of November rolls around, I have that bittersweet feeling of the realization the searing beauty of October has come to an end.

When I picture the month and its arrival, I see trees full of leaves in a mixed medley of autumnal shades of oranges, golds and purples. The changes in the atmosphere bring about bursts of color as seen in the setting sun that dips below the horizon, the vermilion shade subject to alchemy and its association with eternity, and the terracotta of clay, a dusty orange created over time highlighting the passages of ancient civilizations. It is a palette that conjures pumpkins ripe for carving, Indian corn resplendent in a patchwork of rust and saffron, purples, marigold and goldenrod. They all combine to portray a poetic profusion of dazzling brilliance until the last leaf of autumn falls to the ground, blanketing the earth.


3rd in the Burg, Oct. 15

Illustration by Brad Maurer

When one contemplates the number “3,” a triangle may pop up as a visual representation. For this art blog, the third time is the charm for this Friday’s 3rd in the Burg at the Civic Club. A certain group of artists like to get together as a collective seasonally, and it is now officially fall in all its glory.

This Friday marks the third occurrence of this group hanging out together to hang art. This special night is a continuation of diversity through art, showcasing emerging artists with their collections for sale as part of this one-night-only happening. They’re inviting you, the “3rd in the Burg-ers” to drop by, drop in and “see what condition their condition is in …” or so sang the late Kenny Rogers in his psychedelic daze as the front man for the First Edition.

Master of ceremonies duties have been passed from Civic Club art organizers, Reina Wooden and Charlie Feathers to Brad Maurer. A consistent coterie creates the core group, which features Maurer’s “Insect Infantry Illustrations” as The Cercus. Joining him will be a “Harrisburg Artist of the Year” Bethany Nicholle and her award-winning abstract paintings, notecards, pins, magnets and masks. Nora Carreras, mixed media artist, and Jonathan Frazier, multidimensional man about town, both share a love and talent for the piano, and art will be their forte at the Civic Club, showcasing paintings-a-plenty. Grace Robinson adds portraiture in her soul searing art that goes well below the surface in her color.ur.soul collection. Donny Lyons proves he is an artist to be reckoned with as his abstract expressionistic paintings see the future, and it is here. Darius Davis, entrepreneur and fashion videographer, returns as well with his acrylic paintings, and Quincy Yates tie-dyes clothes for the younger set ( Jamie Earl also returns, selling red-hot buttons and pins custom-made for his Reina Wooden (R76) past hostess of the first two Civic Club art fetes, held in February and May, is now focusing on her new art. Her genre defies labels as the mediums of mixed materials combine clothing and painting as “statement studies.” These 10 artists collectively form the nucleus of “The Maestros of Midtown.”

Painting by Carrie Feidt

New to the mix is Jemar Sweets, photographer of “escapism” as in land ‘scapes’, city ‘scapes’ and architectural prints. Mansa Abuchi Mawakili knows that his abstract art and Afro-centric styled jewelry encompasses crystals, holding the power to heal. Carrie Feidt cannot be pigeonholed as her art flies from painting to music. Lily Roque rounds out the new quartet as a humble tattoo artist who enjoys “expressing herself through her paintings which include imaginative creatures, popular manga and comic art.”

3rd in the Burg takes place on Friday, Oct. 15, at venues throughout downtown and Midtown Harrisburg. For more information, visit

The Civic Club of Harrisburg is located at 612 N. Front St, 5 to 9 p.m., free admission and free on street parking.



Millworks Chapter VII: Objects That Don’t Fit On a Wall

This fall chapter of the Millworks artists’ series includes four artists whose works are physically impossible to hang. It is not problematic as visitors to the Millworks emporium can view this quartet’s work in the art shop and in their respective studios.

Meg Caruso pottery

“Creative” Meg Caruso is synonymous with art in Midtown. With her hands, she puts in motion the wheels of Sprocket Mural Works and sets the artistic tone for TheBurg as its creative director. Her “Quiet Clay” sits on the shelves in the Millworks store whispering to passers by “hold me, touch me and more sweet nothings…” The great thing about fine art is that it never needs trumpets announcing its arrival. Quiet Clay is ceramic creme-de-la-creme. The palette of natural shades is perfect for its very being, yet Meg elevates it through its functionality, too. The pieces become sculpture as treasures to admire and use. The porcelain vessels are hand-painted with 22 karat gold luster. Objects of desire that may be whispering to you.

A.A. Milne of “Winnie the Pooh” fame and Beatrix Potter’s “Peter Rabbit and Friends” have nothing on Lauren Castillo’s endearing children’s books with her text and illustrations as a Caldecott Honor author of Nana and the City. Lauren operates out of Studio 322 and has illustrated other books for high-profile authors, Jane Smiley, Eve Bunting and more. With her latest offspring, she shares a “story of us,” with a loveable hedgehog as the central character in “Our Friend Hedgehog,” and his boon companion, Mutty, the dog. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Castillo fortunately chose Harrisburg as her base of operation.


Erin Musselman’s studio

Erin Musselman’s Lupine Ceramics can be found on Millworks first floor, Studio 104. In all likelihood, no clay pigeons will be found there, but the compendium of ceramic wares may astound the shopper as her creations are in the “energy of the everyday.” Her goal is to have a connection with every piece bringing a sense of the artists’ purpose in presenting pottery that places equal emphasis on form and function. As a retired teacher, at least for the time being, Erin has the blessing of a creative clock with no hands to limit her.





Paul Zemiatis and son, Alexander, pool their talents as management and creatives with a product that functions for the everyday home but elevates it to an art form for the senses. Olfactory neurons lift the mood to manipulate memories with aromas from natural ingredients used in the process of creating Moonrise Candle Co. In dreaming up romantic combinations of raw honey and cinnamon among a plethora of other herbs and botanicals, the team has no ceiling on creating unique pairings and hand illustrating each amber glass jar. Paul’s a master woodworker as he hand wrought the stage set found in Studio 104. In addition, his hobby entails Pysanity, the art of Ukranian Easter eggs. Alexander, a student at New York University majoring in drama, creates clothing for movies sewing costumes and set design on a custom basis. Be sure to stop and smell the candles.

The Millworks is located at 340 Verbeke St., Harrisburg. For more information, visit

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