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August Editor’s Note

I’m sometimes asked what I get the most phone calls about.

That is, what do our readers complain about most often?

Is it our news stories, our community coverage, or maybe my very insightful commentary each month?

No, no and nope.

That honor goes to—drumroll please—our puzzles.

Nearly every month, TheBurg publishes two puzzles, a crossword and a Sudoku, the only magazine content not locally produced (they’re syndicated, and we pay to use them).

Chances are, when I hear an upset person on my voicemail, they’re unhappy about one puzzle or the other—or both.

In the past, complaints have included that we omitted a puzzle, that the answer key was on the wrong page, or that the puzzle was difficult to read. More recently, people have told me that the crossword boxes were too small and that the Sudoku, labeled “easy” by the puzzle-maker, wasn’t easy at all.

Whew—the life of an editor! Well, as an old boss of mine used to say, tongue planted firmly in cheek, that’s why we get paid the big bucks.

Please know that we take all concerns seriously. Sometimes, limited resources affect our ability to respond, such as not having enough reporters or pages. But we always try to maximize what we have to put out the best product possible.

Along those lines, I again would like to thank all of our “Friends of TheBurg” for helping us supplement our resources, so we can continue to robustly serve this community—which includes publishing our popular puzzles.

Next month, after two-plus years of pandemic delay, we’re going to have our much anticipated “launch party” for the program. All Friends can join us at the historic King Mansion on Sept. 8 for a wonderful night of food, beverage, music and more—and socialize with TheBurg staff! There’s still time to go to our website, become a Friend of TheBurg, and receive an exclusive invitation.

Enjoy our August issue—and happy puzzling, everyone!

Lawrance Binda

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