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Nonprofit Focus: Crescent Strategy & M28 Ministry


Why do you feel it’s important for your business to support our area’s nonprofits?

Crescent Strategy has worked with many of the area’s nonprofits to build their brand recognition, increase their fundraising prowess, and attract new volunteers to support their causes. Frequently, we select which organizations to work with based on their mission and the positive impact they have on their communities. We want to do good for our clients as they do good for society and believe in living our values by giving back to each of our clients whenever possible—sponsoring their charity events like gala dinners and golf tournaments and donating our time as a board member or event volunteer. We know the importance of being good stewards of not just our clients’ branding, but of central Pennsylvania’s image as well. As a woman-owned small business located in uptown Harrisburg, we recognize the challenges and opportunities in the Capital region and applaud the myriad organizations working to make this a great place to live, work and play. From city beautification efforts to support for individuals working on their sobriety to feeding the hungry, local nonprofits fill the needs that society requires to thrive. As our business continues to grow, we look forward to finding new ways to support these change-making nonprofits and encourage other business owners to do so, too.

Why do you support this particular nonprofit and what does your business do to benefit the organization?

The mission of M28 Ministry resonates with Susan Ewing, owner and founder of Crescent Strategy. She lost both her father and sister to addiction, so she knows how drugs can impact more than just the individual. It makes waves that ripple through every level of a community. That is why our business works so closely with M28, as they provide hope and support to those in substance use disorder recovery. Susan sits on the organization’s board, where she uses her digital marketing expertise to elevate M28’s visibility and uncover new ways for them to fundraise and find volunteers. In addition, we have provided financial support to them through event sponsorships and other donations. Crescent Strategy also uses its local partnerships to connect M28 with other business leaders and community pillars.


Describe your organization and the importance of corporate or foundation support to further your mission.

There have been many negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic: job loss, overwhelming stress, and a higher cost of living, to name but a few. These can weigh heavily on anyone, but to someone struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, they can be fatal. Sadly, the pandemic has increased both the number of individuals using substances and those who overdose from them. Some treatment centers have had to close due to staffing shortages and the challenges that come from trying to house people in close quarters while trying to maintain social distancing. M28 Ministry is a faith-based, community-focused movement of people who help individuals in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Our mission is to stand alongside those who want to help themselves. We partner with the region’s substance use disorder treatment and recovery centers, as well as with other nonprofits, faith organizations and government agencies, to build transformational relationships for those in recovery, as well as for their families. Like any nonprofit, M28 relies on the generous support of individuals and businesses to continue our vital work. Last year, we had our first-ever charity fundraising gala, and more than a dozen local organizations stepped up to support our mission through event sponsorships, auction item donations and financial gifts. At this year’s gala, we expect even greater success! We continue to work with Crescent Strategy to identify other opportunities to improve our fundraising strategy and connect with other local, socially minded business owners looking to help those in need.

For 2022, what is your greatest need for corporate or foundation support?

In 2022, we begin the second year of our Assisi Program, which is a housing and whole life transformation assistance program that prioritizes providing long-term housing to people trying to rebuild their lives, thus ending their homelessness and poverty. Graduates of the program learn how to pursue their personal goals (finding a career, securing a place to live, rebuilding relationships, etc.) and improve their quality of life. We welcome corporate and foundation support to be able to offer the Assisi Program to more individuals seeking guidance on the road to recovery. This can be through financial support, or as a volunteer mentor who will provide guidance to program participants throughout their one-year journey toward independence. New this year is a partnership between M28 and Jewish Family Services of Greater Harrisburg to help resettle several Afghan refugee families in central Pennsylvania. Through our House2Home Project, we provided furniture and other household goods to these families to make them feel more comfortable as they start a new chapter in their lives. These donations have left our warehouse rather empty, so we are looking for generous support to help us restock our furniture and home goods supplies (either through direct donations or funds) so that we can provide these at no cost to others in need in the coming year. You can learn about these and other opportunities to give on our website.

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