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A Time for Thanks: Our publisher finds plenty to be grateful for this past year.

Thanksgiving, just past, is perhaps my favorite holiday.

It is a time for being thankful “just because.” Coming every year on a Thursday, it guarantees a short week of work and a long weekend with family and friends. My mom, like her mother before her, makes an amazing turkey with all the many accompanying dishes. I can usually count on leftovers lasting all weekend long. I’ve always loved leftover turkey to go along with two days of college football. All in all, it is a wonderful time of the year.

Thanksgiving also reminds all of us that giving thanks is universal. While not everyone can give or receive the gifts they may want during the coming holiday season, all can have a thankful heart. And a thankful heart is a happy heart for blessings small and large. 

With that in mind, here is my list of “things I am thankful for” in Harrisburg:

  • A terrific year of growth and development at TheBurg
  • Paul’s writing, Megan’s design, Lauren’s sales, Andrea’s support and Larry’s leadership in pulling it all together
  • Our Burg freelancers and photographers who contribute competently and faithfully
  • All of TheBurg’s wonderful advertisers
  • Select Capital Realty Group and John Ortenzio for being the first column sponsor of TheBurg
  • Sutliff Chevrolet for supporting 3rd in The Burg and all its artists
  • The receiver, the mayor, the governor, City Council and Judge Leadbetter for their diligent efforts with the financial recovery plan
  • State Sen. Rob Teplitz and Rep. Patty Kim for the great leadership on behalf of our city and region
  • Mayor-elect Eric Papenfuse and his family for their sacrifice to move Harrisburg forward
  • WCI Partners’ president and operations manager for developing Harrisburg and making it a better place—and for being two of the finest people I know
  • The fabulous designer at Urban Interiors and Smoke, her cat
  • All the many residents of Olde Uptown who believe in OU and Harrisburg
  • Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney and First National Bank for staying in and moving into the city
  • WebpageFx for believing in Harrisburg and moving 50 employees here next year
  • The Harrisburg Chamber and CREDC for their support of our city and its many projects
  • Harristown Development Corp. and their great leadership team
  • GreenWorks for helping to develop and grow Midtown
  • JEM Group, Trinity Construction and Renovations Co., for helping build our city
  • Brickbox for converting outdated office space to residential living
  • Harrisburg University for their continued commitment to our city
  • HYP for continuing to make Harrisburg a great place to “live, work and play”
  • Creative start-ups, like Stash, The MakeSpace, Yellow Bird Café and St@rtup
  • Community Networking Resources for community development
  • LaTorre Communications for helping Penn State communicate
  • State Street Strategies for—well—great strategy and advice
  • Greenlee Partners for great work for the city
  • Triad Strategies for their consulting and advice
  • City House B&B and their wonderful owners and great friends
  • Michael Hanes’ leadership of Whitaker Center and its excellent programming
  • Messiah College for sending Harrisburg many wonderful graduates
  • The members of the Harrisburg Capital PAC
  • John Norton and Brian Ostella, just for being on Twitter
  • Penn State Harrisburg and their development staff
  • My former partners at Webclients, who helped me get here
  • Bill O’Brien, for leading “our” football team (don’t argue, PSU counts here too)
  • “The Tuscan” at Mangia Qui
  • The fine bartenders, food and ambiance at Café Fresco
  • Fine dining at Char’s along the Susquehanna River
  • The “best latte in the nation” at Little Amps
  • Running in fall on the river or through the tree canopy on Green Street
  • Cheese pizza at Ciervo’s
  • Anyone who takes time to call or email me and say “you left me off your list” (at least you read this far!)
  • And all the other many folks who believe in our city in its time of need. Your faith will be rewarded in the coming years.

Happy Holidays!

J. Alex Hartzler is publisher of TheBurg.

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