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Artist in Focus: Samantha Sanders

Leaves, fruit, vegetables, flowers.

Samantha Sanders finds inspiration in the natural world, which makes her the perfect artist to feature in our most spring-like issue of the year.

“The garden is a sacred place for me, where generations of my family have left behind a piece of themselves,” writes the Grantville native in her bio.

You may already be familiar with Samantha’s work, since one of her flowery paintings graced our cover last April. With this one-page exhibit, we’re here again to showcase her art and renew your longing for warm days and wild things.

Sure, it may still look like winter outdoors, but soon enough, berries, greens and flowers will come to life, filling your garden and adorning on your table. Samantha’s work offers an artistic preview of what’s certain to come.

For more information about Samantha Sanders and her nature-inspired paintings, drawings and works on paper, visit

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