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September Editor’s Note

Our arts writer, Bob MacGinnes, once remarked that everyone in Harrisburg seemed to be an artist.

I don’t believe he meant this literally, and the circle of creators he regularly hangs with may have swayed his judgment.

Still, I understand where he was coming from. In recent years, Harrisburg seems to have gone from art-starved to art-stocked. Dedicated galleries still have a tough time here, but art seems to be everywhere else—from Allison Hill to Midtown to the waterfront.

This month, Harrisburg residents and visitors will have ample opportunity to see for themselves what old Bob was talking about.

First, Kipona returns over the Labor Day weekend, featuring, among other elements, an artist market. A week later, it’s again time to lace up those sneakers for Gallery Walk, which is back for its 34th year.

Here at TheBurg, we like to think we play a small role in the month’s burst of color. Each September, we have a special art focus or, as I’m apt to say, even more art than usual.

In our section, you’ll discover a wide variety of artistic endeavors and the folks doing them—painting, pottery, writing, theater and music all take a bow. Of course, we still have our usual “Culture” section where you’ll find, yes, more art!

Beyond the local art world, the wonderful, warm month of September promises more great fun. Since June, I’ve attended each SoMa block party and have been impressed by the crowds, the music, the food and, most importantly, the sense of community. The next one is slated for Sept. 29 at S. 3rd and Market streets—I highly recommend attending.

Speaking of both community and parties, our Friends of TheBurg bash takes place on Sept. 8 at the historic King Mansion. We at TheBurg hope to see all of our dedicated “Friends” and fans there.

Happy September, everyone—in Harrisburg, surely one of the best months of the year.

Lawrance Binda

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