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Market Makers: Two new businesses open in the Broad Street Market, focused on health and nutrition

Cup of Joy tea offerings

Two new stands in the Broad Street Market share one common theme—a healthier Harrisburg.

Within the past several months, Manderolas and Cup of Joy have set up shop in the stone and brick buildings, respectively. While they may be unique in what they offer, the stand owners both hope to give shoppers healthy options.

Manderolas opened in the market’s stone building earlier this year. Owner Medina Manderola’s “healthy Italian Mediterranean fusion” incorporates ancient herbs into today’s cuisine.

Manderola, a wellness chef of 15 years, uses the recurring theme of health and the concept that “food is power” in all of her cooking. Born in the Middle East, she has cooked since she was a child, learning techniques from her family.

The chef initially considered opening her stand in Miami, Fla., but moved back to Harrisburg, where she first came in 1998, to be with family during the pandemic. Here, she felt like she could make a change.

“We were lacking wellness chefs in our community, and no one knew what a wellness chef was nor the importance of having a wellness chef in our community,” she said.

According to Manderola, there are five elements that wellness chefs bring to their community: physicality, biochemistry, intellectualism, emotional intelligence and spirituality. She incorporates these in her cooking styles and the wellness workshops that she hosts.

“I take the best that the world has to offer, using old medicine techniques with local ingredients and international spices, and I use the oldest method of cooking,” Manderola said. “I pray and meditate on the food and use the five elements in what I make.”

Part of Manderola’s focus on wellness comes from her belief that it’s her responsibility, as a U.S. citizen, to create healthier food, she said. She hopes that her stand can help make a change.

Manderolas’ menu blends four different styles of cooking—Mediterranean, keto, nomad and fusion—and links one to each blood type on the basis that items from that menu will benefit people with that blood type best, Manderola said.

“This is the new age of food,” she said.

On the menu are items such as dips for bread and vegetables, artisan drinks and coffees, various salads, mac and cheese and a lasagna that took Manderola 20 years to perfect.

Manderolas is all about giving back to the community, she said. That’s why, if a customer has recently given blood, she will offer them a free meal. It’s also the reason that she set up her stand in the Broad Street Market.

“Harrisburg needs the vibration of healthier options with an education,” she said.


Shoppers making their way to the brick building of the market will find the second new business, the Cup of Joy coffee stand.

The stand is run by the same Lancaster-based family that runs the Green Ridge Acres stand, also in the market. The Lapps have been in the food business for 13 years.

“We got into the food business because we had a desire to share nutrient-dense food,” owner Ruthie Lapp said.

Cup of Joy opened in the market earlier in the summer, after Lapp’s daughter and one of Green Ridge Acres’ longtime employees, Jess, came up with the idea.

“We wanted to add more diversity to the market and offer more healthy and organic choices,” Jess said. “And try to source more locally.”

Lapp said that the transition from a food stand to coffee stand came “easily and automatically,” having taken classes on how to run a coffee shop.

“We have good help, but we’re still learning,” Lapp said.

The stand sells both coffee and tea. Jess recommended the summertime tea and the caramel blast flavored latte.

“We make all of our syrups,” Jess said. “They are all natural and organic.”

All of Cup of Joy’s teas can be served hot or iced, with options such as peppermint, jade oolong and raspberry. For their lattes, they offer flavors such as vanilla and maple, and serve chai, Earl Grey and Lady Grey tea. Their iced tea is a hit during the heat, Lapp said.

As for their future, Lapp can’t wait to see people enjoy their hot teas in the winter months.

“I’m excited to see people respond to good teas,” she said.

The Broad Street Market is located at 1233 N. 3rd St., Harrisburg. For more information, visit


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