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October Editor’s Note

People often say that their favorite month is October.

Cool weather, Halloween, pumpkin spice everything. Sure, I get it.

Unfortunately, the month does quickly lead into the dark, cold and snow of winter, which is what knocks it down a notch or two in my book. Still, for beauty (the leaves!), comfort (sweater weather) and fun (when did Halloween turn into a month-long holiday?), it’s tough to beat.

Each October, TheBurg offers a smattering of fall-ish things to do around central PA. For some reason, autumn lends itself to a good day trip, so we tend to focus on places and events outside of the city, maybe while you’re out leaf-peeping or heading for that corn maze with the kids.

This month also wraps up our monthly stories on the 2021 Harrisburg Mural Festival, which we’ve been running since the June issue.

TheBurg has never before published a series of stories on a single topic for five straight months. However, we wanted to do so because we’re so impressed with Sprocket Mural Works and their dedication to the city and community.

Recently, a friend and I got into a discussion about developments around Harrisburg. He asked me what I thought was most encouraging, thinking that I would say this or that building proposal, since there are so many right now.

I told him that I was impressed not by a developer but by Sprocket. This group has taken it upon themselves to raise money for, plan and execute large-scale art projects throughout Harrisburg. In fact, they just celebrated their 50th Harrisburg-area mural.

As a result, over just a few short years, Harrisburg has become a city of lovely public art, a more beautiful place with a mural trail, art tours and a new tourist attraction. This has all been accomplished by a small core of dedicated volunteers who have donated their time and talents, without a profit motive, a paid staffer or the use of a single taxpayer dollar.

Now, that’s an impressive accomplishment.

Lawrance Binda

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