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June Editor’s Note

Last month, Harrisburg received some stunning news.

It was about tacos.

TheBurg broke a story that the city’s beloved taco truck would be no more. The third-generation owner was trading in his wheels for a permanent, brick-and-mortar location downtown.

You can’t blame the guy. Eventually, we all put aside our nomadic ways and look to settle down in a place with a few rooms and a bath.

I personally delighted in the news, since the MASA restaurant (opening this month) will have extended hours, will be open in the winter, and will be near my house. And, like much of Harrisburg, I love their tacos!

But, even more so, I was happy that their storefront (316 N. 2nd St.) will be occupied again. Much of Harrisburg has survived the pandemic in relatively good shape, but it’s taken a toll on the downtown.

Due to fewer state and office workers, a stroll down 2nd or 3rd streets often seems like a lonely exercise. Yes, the neighborhood has come back a bit, but it has a long way to go to reach its pre-pandemic state.

So, this is an appeal, an appeal to visit downtown Harrisburg. There are some wonderful restaurants there, most still operating. Remember that great meal you had just before COVID hit? There’s no need to sit at home and reminisce—just come on in and take a table!

Since it’s June, that table might be outdoors. And, since it’s June, you’ll also find TheBurg outdoors, as it’s our annual issue focused on “summer fun.”

Within these pages, you’ll discover numerous stories about day trips, festivals and outdoors activities. We also toss in a little history, some arts events and a community feature or two.

June may be my favorite month of the year. The air is warm, and the days are long, perfect for a baseball game on City Island, al fresco dining on a city sidewalk or socializing with friends in your own backyard, late into the night.

Lawrance Binda

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