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June Editor’s Note

Last month marked an important milestone.

No, I don’t mean Harrisburg’s primary election, which had its own sense of importance.

In early May, I received my second dose of coronavirus vaccine, as many of you may have, as well.

Afterwards, I texted my sister, “Look out, world!”

In all honesty, my world hasn’t changed that much.

I once again feel confident dining indoors and have begun to do so. But, as of this writing, I still haven’t boarded a plane, gone to a ballgame or attended a concert—though I expect I will soon.

In other words, my life is beginning to return to normal.

Normalcy—what a concept.

A year ago, in this space, I bemoaned our lost way of life as I sat at my desk and looked out my window at an empty landscape, half-expecting to see tumbleweeds roll down 3rd Street. No more. Today, traffic is humming, people are out and about, and some restaurants seem as busy as ever.

Therefore, I believe it’s an excellent time for our June issue, which, each year, focuses on fun things to do around Harrisburg during the summer months. Correction: each year except last year, when the pandemic robbed us of summer and every other kind of fun.

Sure, we still need to be careful and take precautions. I won’t toss away my large collection of facemasks any time soon and will continue to keep my distance in crowded places.

However, I’m willing to make these small sacrifices if it means that I can safely return to doing the things that I enjoy, which give my life texture and worth. So, look out, world—I’m armed with the June issue of TheBurg, and it’s packed full of enjoyable, entertaining things to do this summer.

Lawrance Binda

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