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Nonprofit Focus: Harristown Development & Sprocket Mural Works

Harristown Enterprises Inc.

Why do you feel it’s important for your business to support our area’s nonprofits?

Area nonprofits provide a backbone of support for so many great causes and projects in our community! When making decisions about nonprofit support, we try to always look specifically at those nonprofits that are addressing issues here in the city of Harrisburg.

There are numerous things that our organization does to better our city; there are many other things that we are not in a position to handle. For those critical needs, our community nonprofits are essential. We are truly grateful to the organizations in our community which support those who are in need and who are underserved. We also realize that beautification of our city is equally vital and deserving of encouragement and financial support.

Why do you support this particular nonprofit and what does your business do to benefit the organization?

Harristown’s mission is all about making the downtown better, more exciting, and more vibrant. Sprocket Mural Works has been a tremendous partner with us in making the city and the downtown more beautiful and interesting with so many fantastic murals—their work meshes nicely with our redevelopment mission here in the downtown. We know how excited our customers, visitors, tenants, etc., get when they see the many murals downtown that make their day brighter and more hopeful and add a tremendously interesting aspect to the fabric of the city. In fact, we know that the city’s “mural trail” has become a regular destination for visitors to Harrisburg now that a critical mass of murals has been located throughout the city!

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Sprocket as they spread their art jewels into more city neighborhoods, expanding the beauty, the vibrancy and the excitement. While we certainly wish to increase the number of murals in the central business district, we will—at some point—run out of available walls.We know that there are other very deserving walls and neighborhoods which will come alive with the talents of Sprocket’s local artists, as well as benefit from their connections with the national artist scene.


Describe your organization and the importance of corporate support to further your mission.

Sprocket Mural Works is a small, volunteer-run organization. We create public art to uplift, inspire and promote wellbeing in our communities. Since forming in 2014, Sprocket has produced over 60 large-scale works of public art in Central PA. Over 45 murals are located in Harrisburg, creating the HBG Mural Trail. Sprocket’s mission has been the same from day one: create vibrant murals that celebrate Harrisburg’s culture and its people. We believe public art serves as a catalyst for increasing civic pride and uplifting those who experience the murals daily.

Corporate support has been vital to our organization’s success. Sponsorships, grants and donations of all sizes underwrite festival budgets, including artist stipends, travel and supplies—paint, canvas, paintbrushes, insurance and lift rentals.

When a business supports local nonprofits, the community thrives, and from this, individuals and businesses benefit. It takes a forward-thinking mindset and exceptional leadership to recognize and act on this.

We are proud to be partnered with businesses who understand that caring for people, spaces, and culture right here in our community is accomplished by supporting local nonprofits.

For 2021, what is your greatest need?

COVID-19 has not slowed our ambitions for adding more public art to Harrisburg. We are currently planning the 2021 Mural Festival, and we are dreaming big! Here is a sampling of projects:

Mulberry St. Bridge: The Mulberry Street Bridge is a monumental project that would have a significant impact on our community. We hope to raise funds to reinvigorate this space, engage the community and create a landmark mural.

Allison Hill: Together with local organizations and neighborhood residents, Sprocket plans to create public art in South Allison Hill to promote a safe, thriving, and unified community.

One of the locations we have scouted for a mural is Recycle Bicycle, a well-known organization doing valuable work in the city. We are currently looking for sponsors to support this mural project and others in this neighborhood.

Celebrating Black Lives
: Sprocket Mural Works strives to empower artists from various backgrounds to create art that represents the cultures, the people, and the spirit of our neighborhoods.

We hope to partner with local, Black-led organizations in our community to collaborate on themes, location and artist selection for a mural.

Our goal is that this project will be more than a mural. We hope the art will increase dialog, promote systemic change, uplift and celebrate Black lives.

Sprocket is currently seeking financial support towards making these projects and many more possible. Corporate sponsorships are available and individuals may support us directly through our website.

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