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Trader Joe’s opens in Camp Hill, customers come in droves to shop for unique products

Trader Joe’s on opening day, Thursday.

On Thursday morning, 100-year-old Bess Gorelick, strolled into the just-opened Trader Joe’s in Camp Hill.

Gorelick was the first customer to enter, preceding the line of eager shoppers that wrapped around the building at 8 a.m. on the grocery store’s opening day.

“I love Trader Joe’s,” she said. “They have products that they don’t have anywhere else.”

The 12,550-square-foot store is the first Trader Joe’s in the area and the ninth in Pennsylvania. Nationwide, it has over 500 stores in 42 states. It’s known for its unique, quality food products at affordable prices.

At the opening, store captain Jamie Brown welcomed customers into the store, along with a team of Hawaiian shirt-sporting staff members.

“We are super excited to have you all here,” he said.

Since last June, when the store announced it would be coming to the Lower Allen Commons, fans of the franchise were anticipating its arrival.

Customers shop inside Trader Joe’s

For New Cumberland resident Heather Keller, visiting Trader Joe’s before meant taking road trips to different locations. It was something she and her stepmom did together, before she passed away last year.

“She would’ve loved to have one so close,” Keller said. “It’s nice that it’s a little more convenient now, but probably not good for my wallet.”

Keller’s go-to items are the miso soup, mini chicken wontons and the dunker cookies, although she said she could make a long list of favorites.

Inside Trader Joe’s

Other popular Trader Joe’s products include their signature chocolate hazelnut biscotti, kettle cooked chicken soup and “five-buck Chuck.”

Inside, the store features artwork with familiar images to central PA. There is the Market Street Bridge, white-tailed deer, a Nittany lion and even the sign from Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market.

According to the store, it will also participate in the company’s Neighborhood Shares Program, meaning it will donate unsold products to nonprofit, community-based organizations.

Trader Joe’s is located at 3545 Gettysburg Rd., Camp Hill. Store hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. For more information, visit

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