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Fun & Games: Harrisburg Board Game Day invites community to connect around the table

Harrisburg Board Game Day in 2019

It’s a whole day dedicated to rolling the dice, playing your hand and, hopefully, coming out on top when the points are tallied.

Harrisburg Board Game Day is headed downtown, to Whitaker Center on Sept. 4, when anyone can join in on the tabletop action.

“Whatever you want to play will be there,” said Matt Caylor, a Midtown resident and organizer of the event. “It’s generally a very welcoming community.”

According to Caylor, the intent behind the day of gaming is multi-faceted—to provide an event to those who love board games, to introduce the hobby to newbies, and to bring people together in the city.

From 12 to 8 p.m., groups or individuals can join the free event and test out new games or find others to join in on their favorites. There will be everything from card games to Eurogames to social deduction games. Some may take a few minutes to play, while others could take hours. Both beginner and experienced gamers can find something to enjoy, explained Caylor.

This will be the fifth year of the event, previously called Midtown Board Game Day. The name change signifies Caylor’s hope for an even larger and more diverse crowd at the event, inclusive of all city residents and those in the surrounding communities. The last board game day in 2019, before a pandemic halt, drew around 150 people. Caylor said that this year may be even larger.

“Board games break down the conversation wall,” he said. “It bridges the gap for meeting new people. The best experiences are when you’re able to get people that are not like yourself around the table.”

Harrisburg Board Game Day will partner with The Bodhana Group, a nonprofit focused on board gaming as therapy, for access to its large game library. Several board game designers also will attend and allow people to test their games to provide feedback.

The event will include a raffle and door prizes, along with some snacks. Registration is encouraged, but people can also walk into the event and participate. The event is family-friendly.

Caylor, a self-professed board game geek, is excited to find new games to play and possibly add to his personal collection of around 200 games. But, he’s really looking forward to the connections he will make with other community members while chatting around the table.

“It’s an avenue to find a way to bond with the people around me,” he said.

To register for Harrisburg Board Game Day, click here. For more information, visit the Facebook event page.


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