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Student Scribes: “You Are . . .”

You’re a shadow—yes a memory

Of something that I once knew

A teasing glimmer of sun through clouds

That never breaks quite through


You’re an empty silence

Where once there was noise

Like unfolding sorrow—

Collapsing the used-to-be joys


You’re a promise spoken carelessly

A heart desperate for security held to

Only to be shattered because you said

Things you hadn’t realized aren’t true


You are the cold of winter before spring

That the tired soul just wants to leave

But no—you’re constant, biting, and nonchalant

So even those who still have hearts can’t grieve


You’re an ignorant stab with a dull knife

And an offhand apology to follow

Saying “it’s in your head—get over it”

Leaving your poison—in my mouth to swallow


You’re a feeling in myself I can’t express

Not angry—not really—just distraught

And unable to explain the torment

Of you constantly reminding me what I’m not


Joy Boettinger is a junior elementary education major at Penn State Harrisburg.

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