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Student Scribes: “What It Is to Live”

I’m walking lightly across crisp stale leaves

that crinkle from my toes.

Goldfoil sparks across the screaming sky

Roaring and laughing in glee.

Last signs of shivelight burn through the trees

Gone now with the impending storm.

The white lace of my dress drags behind in

Muddy puddles frosting over.

My bare feet coated in ashy dust

Leave blacked prints to follow by.

Time is catching up. It was never on my side.

It left my skin creased and dry

Desperate and craving and barren.

I bend to stroke the soft petal

Of a lightly shaded pansy. Petals broken and

Torn apart. Time took it too.

Echoes chase me down, impatient calls

And worried shouts. They wonder where I’ve gone.

My skin was poked and prodded

cut and sewed too many times to count.

I’m done with all the pain and tears

I’m here now where I belong.

Coated in cool misty rain among

The nature I dreamed of.

I can’t go back.

Stuffy fake air suffocated my lungs

Now burning clear and free

with the sharp tang of incoming rain.

They say I need the machines to live

But without them I have never been more alive.


Megan Jamnicky is a first-year communications major at Penn State Harrisburg.

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