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Artist in Focus: Dionn Reneé

Harrisburg-area artist Dionn Reneé credits her upbringing for her versatile career—her family’s involvement in the arts and entertainment, as well as early encouragement from schoolteachers.

Today, she’s skilled in everything from photography to graphic design, but it’s her fine art that we’re highlighting in this space.

As you can see from this page, her subjects and techniques are varied. She’s done numerous celebrity portraits, but is equally adept at abstract, realistic or even surrealistic styles. Her pieces often feature Black themes and subjects, and many emphasize faces and figures.

According to the artist, her education, her world travel and her experiences have greatly influenced her style and her subjects, and she uses them all when creating a new piece.

In this feature, we share a very small portion of her work. To see more, visit her website at


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