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TheBurg Podcast: “So Long For Now.”

TheBurg Podcast is back with its last episode before a brief hiatus.

This week, Larry and Lizzy offer a roundup of recent city council activity, including the hullabaloo over a new Auto-Zone store and the decision to hire a lobbyist to help the city win over state lawmakers in 2019. They also discuss the school board’s impasse over the appointment of a new member — a matter that’s now headed to a Dauphin County judge. They end with a mournful discussion about the state of the local news business and the nefariousness of venture capitalists and newspaper parent companies.

A note to our listeners: TheBurg Podcast is on hiatus after this episode, since Lizzy is taking a new reporting job in Harrisburg on Monday. Thanks to everyone who’s listened and shared feedback! The Pod will be back after we find a new city reporter.

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Read more about the topics discussed in this week’s episode:

Council overrides mayoral veto on AutoZone.

Mayor vetoes city council planning provision for AutoZone.

Mayor seeks new contract, broader goals for 2019 lobbying efforts.

Former news publisher appointed to oversee Harrisburg’s finances.

Harrisburg School Board delays decision on new member.

Appointment of new Harrisburg School Board member headed to county judge.

TheBurg Podcast is released semi-monthly by TheBurg Magazine. It is recorded in the offices of Startup Harrisburg and produced by Lizzy Hardison. Special thanks to Paul Coolley, who wrote our theme music.

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