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September Editor’s Note

A year-and-a-half ago, we locked our front doors and waited for the other shoe to drop.

We didn’t know what that other shoe would be exactly except that, like most “other shoes,” the end didn’t look promising.

At the time, one of my major worries was how the pandemic would impact our thriving arts community.

Our live theaters, our arthouse, our music, performance and art spaces—what would happen to them?

I remember offering a mixed assessment. On the one hand, I know the people who run these places, and they are, without exception, incredibly talented, capable and committed.

On the other hand—no work and no revenue. How can anyplace, even run by the most dedicated people, survive that?

Well, the pandemic has lasted far longer than I (and probably you) could have imagined. And yet—happy days—our resilient arts community is largely intact and, with September’s arrival, ready to act and sing and soliloquize for you again.

Each September, we at TheBurg turn our focus to Harrisburg-area arts (or, as I like to say, even more art than usual). So, we’re delighted to fill our pages with all manner of music and shows and galleries and artsy folks.

However, before you turn the page, I hope you will pause for a moment to ponder their extraordinary achievement. To my knowledge, no major arts venue in Harrisburg shut its doors due to the pandemic. Sure, there’s been pain and pivots and grief. But they’re back, ready to slap on the greasepaint and walk the boards, ready to plug in, tune up and crank it to 11.

I am in awe.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has proven to be almost equally resilient. So, if you decide to take in a live show, please respect the rules of the house—and do so with patience, grace and joy.

Lastly, I would like to praise those who contributed financially to our arts community during this trying time. If you can, please give again, as the tough days are not past us yet.

Well done, Harrisburg, well done. A standing ovation to all!

Lawrance Binda

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